5 Eagles players who are next in line to be Pro Bowlers

Here's a list of five Eagles we'll drive to the Pro Bowl Games ourselves if they get snubbed again next season.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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We have all watched the Philadelphia Eagles long enough and we have digested enough football to know what the drill is. NFL stars work their butts off all season. Team goals come first. Personal goals come second, but in knowing that, we have allowed ourselves to believe an untruth. We sometimes convince ourselves that players don't care about individual accolades. You're lying to yourselves if you believe that.

Don't hear what hasn't been said. Don't read what hasn't been written. Do guys sacrifice family time and their bodies for the good of the locker room? Oh, heck yeah! But, when it comes time to sit at the negotiating table and hammer out possible extensions, they like having a Pro Bowl or two on their resume.

We could talk about that for hours, but we won't here. Our minds are on something else. After watching the most recent Pro Bowl Games, we believe a handful of Eagles were missing.

We don't give a 'you know what' that there were already eight Birds out there. We aren't feeling the snubs. Here's to another handful of Eagles we want on the roster next season. These guys are the next Eagles up.

DeVonta Smith, wide receiver

Three seasons in, DeVonta Smith has established himself as one of the game's great talents at wide receiver. His 916 receiving yards set an Eagles rookie record for the most in a single season.

His 95 receptions in year two were the most in an Eagles single season by a wide receiver. Zach Ertz still owns the franchise record for most receptions in a campaign by an Eagles player regardless of position.

Here's where we take issue. Skinny Batman racked up a second consecutive 1,000-yard receiving season thanks to 81 grabs. He also scored seven TDs for the second straight year, so here's our question.

Why hasn't he been named to a Pro Bowl roster yet? We demand a recount and keep watch for the four guys that follow as they're overdue for Pro Bowl inclusion as well.