5 Eagles staring at a phenomenal opportunity to earn their 1st Pro Bowl nomination in 2023

  • Eight Eagles were voted onto the Pro Bowl roster last season.
  • Some say there should have been more.
  • This time, we're expecting to see some first-timers.
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Eagles have a couple of Pro Bowl candidates on the defensive side of the ball too.

Well, you had to know that this was coming. You can't discuss the future of the Eagles' defense and potential stars without bringing up all of that talent from the Georgia Bulldogs.

We tip our caps to Nolan Smith, Jordan Davis, and Kelee Ringo. Their time as starters is coming, and they are going to put in work as reserves this season, but keep your eyes on Nakobe Dean and Jalen Carter. They are going to be fun to watch.

Nakobe Dean, linebacker

Last offseason, we asked if Jalen Hurts can get the job done. This time around, the same is being asked about Nakobe Dean. Things turned out well for Jalen. Things will turn out well for Nakobe as well.

In the words of one of the great poets of our era... John Cena... "Your time is up! Nakobe's time is now". Okay, maybe that isn't an exact quote, but you get the idea.

Jalen Carter, defensive tackle

If you're scratching your head about this one, you simply don't get it. Jalen Carter might be the most gifted interior defensive lineman we have seen in a long, long time.

We realize there are tons of stars on this Eagles team. There are so many that we're never short on topics, but we'll say it again. If you're confused about why Jalen Carter's name is on this list, you don't get it.

This young man may have been taken first overall if not for the questions about his character. This one gives us the same vibes we had about Fletcher Cox when the Eagles took him 12th overall in 2012. Yes friends, Jalen Carter is that type of 'special', and he is fully capable of being named a Pro Bowler after his first season.

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