5 free agents the Eagles need to re-sign this offseason

With the clock ticking, the Eagles must make some big decisions this offseason, beginning in free agency.
Jason Kelce, D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Brandon Graham, defensive end

Staying with the theme of defensive legends, Brandon Graham's contract has also come to an end this season. Eagles fans will wonder if the man responsible for one of the game-winning plays during the team's lone Super Bowl win will be given the chance to enjoy his farewell season or if the front office decides to allocate the funds elsewhere.

Graham had a phenomenal 2022 campaign after missing most of 2021 with a torn Achilles but struggled to get in form this year, ending the season with just three sacks and 16 tackles. At 35 years old, it is unlikely that his production will be what it once was. 

However, Graham's value is more closely linked with being one of the leaders of the team and someone who young players can try to model their careers after. He has already stated he wants to play for Philadelphia this season and play 15 seasons. The longest-tenured Eagle will look to leave his final mark and go out on his terms. Graham should be brought back on a one-year deal.