Notable snap counts from the Eagles Week 16 win vs. Giants (and what they might mean)

Covey, Ringo, and Smith's stock rises. The stock is down on Watkins and Scott.
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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The Eagles gift-wrapped a win with increased playing time for some of our favorite Birds.

It was an ugly win for the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any growth. Young Birds are making plays.

We're at a point in the season where we are tired of seeing some of the guys on the roster. We want to see more of some of the other guys. we're also demanding the usage of other guys we aren't seeing enough of.

Although it didn't totally feel like it during the game, the Eagles actually gave us some fan service with their usage of some hot-button players. Let's talk about a handful, shall we?

After every game, we hang out with and check the snap counts of every player to see how the coaching staff is distributing playing time. Sometimes, we like what we see. Sometimes, we don't. Here's how things panned out in Week 16:

Quez Watkins: 1 snap

We did it. We’re in the clear. Quez Watkins only had a single snap. The national nightmare of watching him constantly disappoint Eagles fans week in and week out has ended... hopefully.

This is the first game where Quez has been healthy and has only had one snap since he was drafted. We grew tired of seeing him drop balls and fumble. We had grown weary of his lack of physicality and effort. This is proof that karma exists. We did it, you guys. He's getting less playing time.