5 Philadelphia Eagles who robbed the team blind in 2023

Do yourself a favor. Don't glance at the Eagles salary cap table like we did.
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Albert Okwuegbunam, tight end

Albert Okwuegbunam isn't anywhere close to being the highest-paid player on the Eagles roster. Frankly, there were times when we forgot he was on the roster.

We weren't going to mention him seeing as how he's on Philly's injured reserve. Still, when you count as $1,010,000 against the salary cap and you appear in four games and muster zero catches on one target while playing 57 offensive snaps and another five on special teams, you have to get called out.

The Birds have to be feeling some buyer's remorse over Albert O. No one knows where the Eagles will turn next, but Okwuegbunam can't be a part of the rebuild.

Jalen Reagor, Patriots wide receiver

Do not adjust your screens. There's no need to restart your cellular devices. This is not a drill. Jalen Reagor was indeed on Philly's payroll in 2023.

Now a member of the New England Patriots, it's hard to understand why he keeps getting chances. He counted as $1.8 million versus Philly's cap this season, and that's a shame as this team got next to nothing out of him when he was here.

Dishonorable mentions: Matt Patricia & Kevin Byard

We went from wondering why Matt Patricia was on the coaching staff to asking what it was that he did. That was before the Eagles stripped defensive coordinator Sean Desai of playcalling duties and handed them to their senior defensive assistant.

Trust us on this one. After watching Philly's defense flounder for more than a month, you'd be furious if you saw what the Birds were paying Patricia. Kevin Byard is signed through NEXT SEASON. He pocketed $1.7 million in 2023 and will represent a cap hit of $14.2 million in 2024.

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