5 Questions the Eagles never answered throughout the NFL regular season

How is it possible that we're still confused about questions we have asked ourselves all offseason?
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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If the Eagles aren't going to answer our questions, we'll just answer them ourselves.

The only constant in football is change. That's true in your son's pop-warner league (seeing as how we ask that some of those coaches be fired too). That's true at the collegiate level. No one would deny that's also true at the professional level. Just look at our Philadelphia Eagles.

The roster is turned over constantly. Coaches come and go. They leave more often when the team is good. Every franchise needs to find a balance that measures both variables and consistency.

Ahead of the current NFL campaign, despite a few moving parts, we hoped we would iron out a few wrinkles and satisfy some of the concerns we had about our Birds. September rolled along. So did October, November, and December. We have reached a new year, and we're still asking ourselves some of the same questions.

Oh well. Such is life. We'll just answer them ourselves.

Can Jordan Davis be dominant and a three-down NFL defensive tackle?

The hope was, in year two, that Jordan Davis would take the next step towards being an elite interior defensive lineman. The truth is he's a better run defender than pass rusher (despite only notching one tackle in Week 17 versus the Arizona Cardinals).

Davis has 2.5 sacks on his 2023 NFL resume, and he hasn't registered one since Week 7 versus the Miami Dolphins. Don't push the panic button yet, but if you have concerns, we don't blame you.