5 Questions the Eagles never answered throughout the NFL regular season

How is it possible that we're still confused about questions we have asked ourselves all offseason?
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Davis, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Where's the depth on this Eagles roster?

The cold, hard facts of life are as follows. In a league with a salary cap and an ever-evolving free agency cycle, your favorite team will ALWAYS need something. Hopefully, your general manager and his front office team draft well.

Howie Roseman is the best at what he does. He has earned our trust. He staffs this team well... most of the time, but this team is, too often, one or two injuries away from the season going down the drain.

Then again, that could be evidence that there's a coaching issue. If these guys could develop someone, Howie wouldn't have to spend so much time acquiring players and orchestrating trades.

Is Nick Sirianni a good NFL head coach, a great leader, or both (or neither)?

As it turns out, rumors of Nick Sirianni's demise may have been exaggerated. Sure, there are those issues with his offensive scheme and Brian Johnson being blamed for calling plays from Nick's playbook, but at least his players like him.

We have gone on and on about whether or not Nick is a good coach or whether he's the beneficiary of leading some exceptionally talented players. Months later, we're leaning toward the latter theory and asking if he should be canned.

Three straight playoff appearances and leading his team to within four points of a Super Bowl have to account for something, but friends, his approval rating is plummeting.

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