Suddenly seldom-mentioned Eagles who could play huge roles in a successful season

These guys aren't necessarily unknown. They have, however, been ignored to some degree, but we're expecting some good football out of them and soon.

Nakobe Dean,  Philadelphia Eagles
Nakobe Dean, Philadelphia Eagles / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

NFL rosters are always a key talking point of every Philadelphia Eagles offseason. A few weeks into a new league year. That remains the situation. Who hasn't spent hours discussing talent and expectations?

Call a friend and bring up the Birds if you want to put this theory to the test. We can discuss Jalen Hurts ad nauseam or find ourselves in debates where he's never mentioned.

Credit Howie Roseman for that. All of this is a sign that he has built a good roster. Even after the retirement of two legends, there's a great mix of youth and experienced players and the guys who clearly have much to gain.

When there are stars at every position, A.J. Brown for instance, there are also great players who don't get mentioned as often as they should. Look at DeVonta Smith. How on earth has he not been voted to a Pro Bowl?

The guys on this list aren't necessarily unknowns, but most have ignored them as of late. We expect. however, that they'll deliver some good fruit in the coming NFL season.

Here are five Eagles that we seem to have forgotten about, Eagles that will play a huge role in Philly's success in 2024.

Despite the haul in free agency, lesser-mentioned guys are going to have to answer the call and step up. That's true of every NFL franchise. That's true of the 2024 Eagles. Guys are going to have to answer the call, and you know what? We believe in them.

Nakobe Dean, linebacker

Here we are again, discussing a young man so many have given up on. He's a former third-round selection. He was injured for most of last season, so let's be fair and avoid calling him a bust. This is only year three, and we believe he will be fine.

Now, don't hear what we are saying, He's in danger of veering toward bust territory, but don't give up hope. Devin White's addition alleviates some of the pressure. We're pulling for you Nakobe! Come on man! make us look smart here.

Milton Williams, interior defensive lineman

Milton Williams can ball. The Eagles wouldn't have drafted him in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft if he couldn't. The issue here has never been skill. Philly has just been fortunate enough to have so much talent on the roster ahead of him.

Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis will precede him on the depth chart this season, but with Fletcher Cox retired, we could see a lot more of Milton. That's a good thing.

Whenever he has had his opportunities, more often than not he has been impressive. We're in the 'More Milton Camp'. Friends, you should be as well.

DeVante Parker, wide receiver

The DeVante Parker signing is easy to overlook when considering Philly's other moves during the free agency frenzy. Then you look at how big he is. Did someone say six-foot-three and 215 pounds? Think about this for a second.

Parker is three inches taller than Nakobe Dean! He's an inch taller than A.J. Brown, and he's only pounds slighter of frame than the latter.

Imagine this guy in the slot. He's too big for most slot corners to cover. He might be a mismatch for many NFL linebackers. Attention Jalen Hurts... Here's another third-down and red-zone target.

Kelee Ringo, cornerback

The starting outside corners are aging. Both missed time with injuries last season, and James Bradberry, a 2022 Second-Team All-Pro, regressed mightily. When pressed into action, Kelee Ringo played admiarably, once we got past that pass interference-facemask thing versus the Dallas Cowboys. There was some worry here, but Philly appears to have something special.

The Wildcard: Defensive back Tristin McCollum?

C.J. Gardner-Johnson just doesn't play full seasons. He didn't do that last season in Detroit. He didn't do that the last time he was in Philly. Remember? We'd like to see him play all 17 games, but let's be honest here. It probably isn't happening. Here's the problem. There are two other true safeties on the roster. Both have also endured recent injuries. Sydney Brown is recovering from one now.

Brown's season-ending ACL tear figures to keep him out of a few games to begin the season. If a game needed to be played tomorrow, we might see Tristin McCollum.

While there's no guarantee that McCollum will make next year's roster, if he does, he'll be asked to play a role. It's McCollum that may need to fill in for C.J., Sydney, and Reed Blankenship, and guess what? We believe he's better than most are saying.

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