5 unsettling truths the Eagles can no longer ignore following their loss to Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Cardinals / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Eagles' Week 17 loss to the Cardinals may have finally robbed us of our optimism.

Wait! Did the Philadelphia Eagles really lose that game to the Arizona Cardinals? They couldn't have possibly lost to Jonathan Gannon, could they?

Had we recorded that game without seeing it live and, somehow, had the ending spoiled for us, we would have still expected an Eagles win once we had an opportunity to view the game for ourselves. That's how much better Philly was supposed to be than Arizona. That's how much we believed in an Eagles win.

But, now things have changed. We hate to admit this, but even though we haven't lost hope, it's hard not to. Here are five of about twenty unsettling truths we can no longer ignore.

The theories that we 'hadn't seen this team play its best game' were lies that we kept telling ourselves.

We told ourselves that this team would explode if they could put it all together. Sure, we saw the warning signs, but we kept looking at the roster. If any team could flip a switch, it's this one. That's what we told ourselves. We were lying. We hate to be that blunt, but we were.

This team is exactly what we have been seeing. They're unorganized. They have lost confidence. They're wildly inconsistent and sloppy, and guess what? That's the team that we have been seeing all season.