6 Eagles who are playing their way out of Philadelphia's plans for 2024

Here are a half-dozen Eagles who wouldn't surprise us if they were left off the 2024 roster.

Eli Ricks, Philadelphia Eagles
Eli Ricks, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Shaquille Leonard, linebacker

Shortly before the Eagles' second game versus the Dallas Cowboys, Philly had an idea. Acquire Shaquille Leonard. See if he has anything left.

As it turns out, he's gotten better with each passing game. He led the Birds in tackles in Week 16 versus the New York Giants, so there's something there, but that may not warrant his return,

Oh, and at least he doesn't play for Dallas. This one seems to be a given though. The rental of Shaq Leonard may end as quickly as it began.

Albert Okwuegbunam, tight end

Raise your hand if you sometimes forget that Albert Okwuegbunam is on this team. Yep! That's what we thought. See how that works?

We're entering Week 17. 'Albert O' has appeared in four of the Eagles' first 15 games of 2023. He has been a healthy scratch in ten games. He didn't play in the other game he was active, a Week 4 Eagles win versus the Washington Commanders.

Dallas Goedert needs a healthy complement at the tight end position. We can promise that Okwuegbunam isn't that guy.

Worth mentioning: Nicholas Morrow, linebacker

Nicholas Morrow isn't necessarily playing himself off of the Eagles' roster because of below-average play (unless you want to reference occurrences like his Week 13 showing versus the San Francisco 49ers). Nicholas Morrow is playing his way off of the roster because he has been decent at a linebacker position this franchise ignores during roster building.

Good play at LB means he'll have cause to ask for money. The Eagles will dismiss him as a result. You have seen this movie before. You know how it ends. Howie Roseman just isn't going to put a ton of coin in the linebacker position.

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