A.J. Brown leaves Eagles vs. Giants Week 18 game with leg injury

Uh oh. A.J. Brown leaves Week 18's Eagles vs. Giants game with an injury.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Al Bello/GettyImages

Talk about your nightmare scenarios. The goal for the Philadelphia Eagles was to walk into MetLife Stadium, win one over the New York Giants, and walk out with minimal to no injuries, especially injuries to key players. There's bad news to report, and it didn't take long for it to surface. Philly failed to gain any true offensive traction in the first quarter, and you guessed it, there is indeed an injury to discuss.

On just their second offensive possession, the Birds lost possession of the football and A.J. Brown on the same play. Talk about your double-whammies.

A.J.'s turnover gave the ball back to Big Blue in an immediate change-of-possession scenario. (they eventually punted). Number 11 spent a few moments in the medical tent before eventually heading to the locker room with just over 90 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

The Eagles are hoping A.J. Brown's injury isn't serious.

A.J. Brown exits the regular-season finale with Philly trailing by a 3-0 margin. Team reports state he's questionable to return. The bigger story though is we hope this isn't a serious injury. Philly's chances of winning in the postseason decrease if they don't have their best wide receiver available for action.

Philly's third possession forced us to hold our breath as well. Jalen Hurts left the game with a hand injury. So far, not so good. Week 18's regular-season finale is flirting with being a costly affair for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bookmark this one. We'll let you know if there are any updates.

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