A subtle move shows Eagles may officially be done with fan-favorite RB

The Number 35 jersey belongs to another Eagles running back now. Boston Scott's time in Philly appears to be officially be over.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Reading between the lines is important... in all aspects of life. If you're married and sitting next to your spouse give them a high-five. Sometimes, it's what you aren't saying that makes the loudest statement. The Philadelphia Eagles, both subtly and loudly, made a statement this week, one you may have missed if you weren't paying attention.

Those who were holding onto hope that Boston Scott might return as a late addition can probably hang that up. I include myself in that number. Sure, most of us have resigned ourselves to the idea that he was probably gone, but a subtle move by the organization may have given us a clearer answer.

The Eagles hand the Number 35 jersey to another tailback, potentially ending Boston Scott's time in Philly.

The Number 35 jersey, one worn by Boston Scott for several seasons, now belongs to another Eagles tailback, one who is much taller. Former third-round selection and San Francisco 49er Tyrion Davis-Price will wear said jersey in 2024 (assuming he makes the roster). We'll see what happens.

Davis-Price is a six-foot-one, 219-pounder who has appeared in seven games over two seasons. 120 yards rushing on 40 carries are the results of his efforts.

Philly's current preseason roster includes two guys we're certain will make the team, Saquon Barkley and Kenneth Gainwell. Lew Nichols and Davis-Price will join them in the meeting room. We'll see if moves are made down the road, but again, giving the Number 35 jersey to another tailback probably means a fan favorite will be potentially playing elsewhere this season.

Again we're reading between the lines here, but this feels like a pretty good guess. Boston Scott was a little better than he's given credit for being, but an era is over.

Maybe I'm alone, but this one hurts a little. I'll miss the 'Giant Killer', and I stand by what I have always said. I believe he'd be just as effective versus other teams.

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