Addressing the Ghost of 'Jonathan Gannon Past' before retiring all discussions until the Eagles host him in Week 17

Following the comments Jonathan Gannon made about the Eagles a few weeks ago (and because he can't take responsibility for his actions,) it’s time to air out our grievances once and for all.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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The Ghost of Jonathan Gannon Past continues to linger on in the minds of Philadelphia Eagles fans. Why is it that we can't put the nightmare of his existence behind us? We shouldn't, but we keep paying attention to a lot of what this guy is doing.

The truth is this. Gannon is still an interesting conversation piece for Eagles fans despite his departure from the organization in February and whether we admit to this or not. Now, the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. his exit was both cold and abrupt.

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, one where the Eagles squandered a 20-10 halftime lead, Gannon deflected blame in various directions, except towards himself. Months have passed since football's biggest game, yet Gannon appears to be unapologetic and unyielding in his stance.

While trying to heal from the wounds caused by the loss in Arizona, and as the NFL draft approached, it became evident that Gannon's elevation to the head coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals had been the result of tampering on the part of the Cardinals organization.

Despite this revelation, the situation was largely downplayed. The Cardinals faced little more than public criticism and a minor reprimand. In an attempt to mend fences with the Eagles, they took the initiative to self-report and engaged in a draft pick exchange.

The repercussions had already reverberated, and the damage was done. The Cards made an effort to rectify the situation, but J.G. seemingly can't help himself. He has consistently chosen to rekindle controversy at every opportunity.

It’s time to address the Jonathan Gannon in the room. Like a bad gambler, he simply doesn't know when to quit.

Gannon's more recent statements seem untimely as one of his blitz packages. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni and the vice president/general manager Howie Roseman have continuously and publicly supported Jonathan following his tumultuous exit. Still, his continued inclination to throw his former colleagues under the bus reflects poorly on his character.

Gannon has often displayed a preference for fiction over fact, a trait that has drawn criticism in the past. In April, Gannon falsely claimed that his defense had propelled the Eagles to a 9-0 record in the 2022 season, a feat that never occurred, largely due to his defensive strategies. The Philadelphia media had consistently shown appreciation and support for Gannon, even as it became increasingly evident that his management of the Birds' defense was deeply flawed.

Choosing the high road can be challenging, especially when those in the wrong choose to take a lower path. The best way to silence Gannon's unwarranted claims is to address the issue firmly and then continue to rise above the noise. Siranni's Eagles are scheduled to host Gannon's Cardinals in a New Years Eve game that will surely be interesting given the situation.

While it would be intriguing to hear Coach Sirianni's true sentiments about Gannon, responding to his provocations would be akin to giving candy to a child. The most effective way to deal with someone of Gannon's ilk is to deny them the attention they seek. He craves a reaction, but the Eagles should maintain their dignity and professionalism.

The pain of the Super Bowl loss still lingers, even though a new season is already underway. Gannon should spend less time revisiting the pain of the past, and more time preparing his Cardinals, currently 0-2 on this young season, to... well.. win a game, He returns to Lincoln Financial Field in Week 17. Until then, we'll retire all conversations related to him.

Something tells me the Eagles won't be playing nice on December 31st. Their former defensive coordinator should prepare for the heat or get out of a very hot kitchen.

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