A.J. Brown sounds off over statements made by Eagles legend Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb made a few comments. A.J. Brown took exception. Here's what happened a few theories that came as a result.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Weeks pass. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Each game and/or week brings surprises. Most didn't see the Philadelphia Eagles losing to the New York Jets being in the cards, but hey... Any given Sunday, right?

There are certainties that we can rely on though. Head coach Nick Sirianni will meet with the media early in the week and at its conclusion. All three coordinators will do the same on Tuesday (or Wednesday, is the last game was played on Monday), and yes, Eagles legend Donovan McNabb will call Jon Marks and Ike Reese weekly to discuss some Birds football.

His most recent appearance caused a bit of a stir.

A.J. Brown issues somewhat of a stern warning to Donovan McNabb following the legend's recent appearance on 94 WIP-FM.

No Eagles fan needs to be told what 94 WIP-FM is and who Jon Marks and Ike Reese are. They're damn good at what they do. No Birds fan has to be told who Donovan McNabb is. He's one of the best to ever do it. In an Eagles jersey.

On Monday, during his weekly appearance on 94 WIP, '5' shared a few thoughts on Philly's offense and how it has operated, and buddy... That didn't go over well with one of Philly's stars...

In McNabb's opinion, the Eagles' offense hasn't been the same since A.J. Brown's sideline discussion with Jalen Hurts and some of the offensive coaching staff.

"It's been so inconsistent each and every week and I go back to before the... I can't say argument or maybe the complaint from A.J. Brown about not being more involved in the offense and getting the ball. "

Uh oh. You can see where this is headed, right?

"I go to that because I've seen it before. I understand it. I know as a quarterback you don't want to be involved in it, but what I'm seeing is... I'm seeing offensive play calls are being more catered to try to feature instead of establishing a tempo and a consistency from running the football, play action game, quick game to be able to spread the ball around. DeVonta Smith, I don't care what nobody say, he ain't getting involved in this offense."

A.J., never one to bite his tongue, offered a response.

Some might say that there's some truth in what McNabb is saying. Here are a few more of his comments. You be the judge. Do you think that he may have a point?

"It goes back to last year, the first year A.J. Brown got there. Maybe in the first four or five games, DeVonta Smith looked like he was the true number one even with A.J. Brown and A.J. Brown started getting more features. Now it seems like we're featuring more of A.J. Brown and pulling away from the true run game. We threw the ball over 40 times in that game, I believe right? In the Jets game. That's not our offense. Our offense is getting (D'Andre) Swift about 18 touches, somehow in the passing game or running game. Get (Kenny) Gainwell about 12-15 touches and then Jalen gets about 5-6 carries if it's from a scramble or read-option, whatever it may be."

Regardless of which theory you prescribe to, you have to agree. Some of this makes sense. Smith has just 28 receptions, 334 yards receiving, and two TDs logged if Philly's first six games this season. Dallas Goedert has collected 26 receptions for 247 yards. He has reached the end zone once.

Brown is sitting on 42 receptions, 672 yards, and two TDs so far this season. No one is saying that the Birds are trying to pacify A.J. to keeep him happy. We definitely aren't saying to ignore him in the passing game. He's too good.

What we are saying is it may behoove Brian Johnson to design a few schemes and plays to get Dallas and DeVonta more involved. This offense might truly explode if that happens.

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