Analyzing both Eagles punters, unconventional ideas for fixing Philly's issue

Arryn Siposs, Philadelphia Eagles
Arryn Siposs, Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

In 2022, the Philadelphia Eagles had to bail water when Arryn Siposs went down in week 14 versus the New York Giants. They did so, in part, by signing then-36-year-old Brett Kern to hold down the punting duties until Siposs was able to return ahead of the Super Bowl. We all know about what happened in that game. We all know how much of the media and fan base feels about their punter. That being said, we have a dilemma.

Losing Siposs might not have seemed like a big deal. He has had his moments, but he has also been wildly inconsistent and unreliable, and that latter statement represents all of the issues.

The Eagles have to find a way to replace Arryn Siposs, right?

The Eagles are trying something they didn't last year. They decided to bring in competition for Siposs after reaping a bad harvest last time around. Without the threat of losing his position, Arryn performed below average. The new guy, former Kansas State Wildcat Ty Zentner hopes to push for a roster spot.

So far, the veteran is getting the best of the rookie. We'll see how things progress, but here's what we know about both men. Siposs has shown a talent for pinning teams deep, but the shanks and misdeeds have come far too often to believe that they won't happen again.

Ty Zentner gives Philly some 'new blood'. He has shown some accuracy as a field-goal kicker when needed, and he can also pin teams deep with the best of them. There's just one issue. He doesn't have an NFL resume yet and has yet to uncork one during a game at the professional level. We'll see him do so during the preseason.

Though nicknamed 'Legatron', he hasn't been perfect. In fact, he has been terrible at times, like "one-third of his punts that should be 'big-leg punts' travel less than 40 yards" kind of terrible. Check out some of his highlights.

Could the Eagles wait for another team to cut a punter and pick them up or bring in someone from the spring leagues?

With Siposs being seen as below average, theoretically, that means there is more than a 50% chance that the Eagles could bring someone in that's better. Place some emphasis on the word 'theoretically'.

Then again, they’re probably not going to be better. That’s why they got cut from their previous teams, so forget about that idea. That brings us to the spring football leagues.

Some XFL and USFL dudes have big legs and have registered some mondo hang time. Every NFL team needs guys with versatility though, and many of the players in this spring football crop are single-faceted. They have big legs or pin teams deep. Then, there are also guys who do neither. They are very Siposs-adjacent.

How does this sound? The Eagles could keep the offense on the field to attempt every fourth-down scenario. There are a lot of pros to doing so. We can deal with the consequences later

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