Best stories from a pair of weekend Eagles practices as Philly prepares for Colts

  • Saturday and Sunday brought morning Eagles practices.
  • We're told Philly participated in a stress-free walkthrough on Monday.
  • The Eagles welcome the Colts for a joint session on Tuesday.
  • That gave us some time to dig through our notes and share some cool stories.
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Reed Blankenship leads the Eagles in training camp interceptions (and, Darius Slay intends to do something about that).

Here's something that should make you smile. You have probably heard about Reed Blankenship's phenomenal summer. You probably also heard that he has taken every first-team snap and has more interceptions than anyone else at camp. What you may not have heard is that has awakened Darius Slay who now claims it's time for him to make some noise.

The man we affectionately refer to as 'Big Play' walked into Saturday's joint practice session with one pick that we remember. He preceded to snag another. Tuesday's joint session versus the Colts is Philly's final open session of the summer, but even though everyone is having fun with some intrasquad competition, something tells us, if Slay catches Reed on the stat sheet, we will most certainly be informed of the news.

Worth mentioning: Maybe the Colts can take Marcus Mariota and leave Gardner Minshew?

Shane Steichen won't be the only familiar face returning to the Novacare Complex for Tuesday's joint practice session. He'll be bringing former Eagles tailback Jason Huntley with him and another former Bird, reserve QB Gardner Minshew. Genard Avery is on the injured reserve.

Sure, the theories about how Minshew should be viewed by Birds fans are mixed, especially after his two starts for Philly last season. The Eagles didn't lose Christmas Eve's game versus the Dallas Cowboys because of him, but he didn't help them a ton versus the lowly New Orleans Saints either.

Still, we all can agree that we'd rather have him in Philly than Marcus Mariota. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that keeping Gardner and shipping off Marcus sounds like a wonderful idea. Something tells us that our wish won't be granted though.

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