Biggest strengths and weaknesses on the Eagles roster entering the 2023 NFL regular season

With another Eagles training camp on the horizon, this feels like a nice
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Biggest offensive strength: Jalen Hurts

Waxing poetic about the strength of the offensive line, receiving core, and run game is as easy as doing so about Jalen Hurts. When the offense is a top-five unit, it usually means multiple facets of said offense are clicking. But Hurts is the tightened screw holding this carefully crafted machine together. His MVP season was one not even the most supportive Hurts fans could have predicted in just is third year in the league.

QB1's decision-making often gets overlooked amidst the sheer talent, touch, and poise he displays every Sunday. His ability to make the right choice each and every play on whether to run, hand the ball off, or pass is what truly makes this offense deadly. Sometimes, playing defense is a guessing game but when Hurts can make the defenders wrong post-snap, it becomes nearly impossible to stop on a consistent basis.

Jalen Hurts has grown significantly each year, so the expectations for his high-level play to continue are not without merit. Great coach and quarterback combinations have the potential to create dynasties but consistency is key for both. Hurts showed greatness last season and Sirianni has shown a unique knack to motivate, game plan, and adjust mid-season. As long as these two continue to build on the foundation they have started, expect the Birds to be in the contender conversation for a long time.