Biggest strengths and weaknesses on the Eagles roster entering the 2023 NFL regular season

With another Eagles training camp on the horizon, this feels like a nice
Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout
Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Honorable mention (weakness): The return game

The Eagles ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in kickoff return yards on average. It did not really hurt the Eagles whose defense did a great job of getting the ball back to the offense with a short field but it is still an area that could use some improvement. Britain Covey is a solid return man but did not produce many explosive plays when given the opportunity. If the Birds improve this area, they can take an already scary team and make it downright terrifying.

Honorable mention (strength): Coaching

Brian Johnson may be the new offensive coordinator but make no mistake; this is Sirianni's offense. He will have the final say in what happens and what does not. Sean Desai is a well-respected defensive mind who seems to understand the need to tailor his defense to the skillset of his players. With as many talented players as the Eagles have on their roster, these intelligent football minds will showcase just how great they can be.

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