Eagles news: Brandon Graham delivers a Week 14 rallying cry

A true captain in every sense of the word, Eagles legend Brandon Graham expressed some accountability and offered a rallying cry on Tuesday.
Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles
Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

By the time most of you read this, we'll be somewhere around 48 hours removed from the most embarrassing Philadelphia Eagles loss of the Nick Sirianni coaching era. Yeah, we said it, and we have no qualms about doing so. We should be moving on to the Dallas Cowboys and Week 14's NFC East clash, but here we are, breaking that 24-hour rule. We have done so three times over.

What's that? Oh, some of you don't believe this was Nick Sirianni's worst loss as Eagles head coach? We'd disagree... Here's why...

Some of those losses in year one were ugly, but it was year one. There was much to fix. The Super Bowl loss was more painful and disappointing than embarrassing (though there were some embarrassing moments), but this is beyond that.

Nick Sirianni's team wasn't ready. They weren't focused. They lacked discipline. They were bullied in their own stadium. They just sat there and watched it happen.

It's time to refocus. It's time for this team's leaders to step up, and the longest-tenured Eagle did exactly that on Tuesday.

Brandon Graham takes accountability, offers a rallying cry ahead of the Eagles' Week 14 game versus the Cowboys.

Following a tough loss, confidence is shaken. The Eagles have won ten of their first 12 games, but some are acting as if the season is over. It isn't, and that's good news. Still, we'd be lying if we said the San Francisco 49ers weren't the best team in football right now.

Here's what can't happen. One loss can't become two. The leaders have to step up instead of going back and forth with guys on X. Longtime veteran Brandon Graham hung out with 94 WIP-FM's Morning Show on Tuesday, and he had a lot to say following the loss.

"The 49ers, they did a good job. They did a good job hitting that C-gap, little scheme things. They whooped us though. They got us. I’m not taking away from any of that. They beat us. We had an opportunity in that game early on to change the way the game plan was for them, and we just didn’t capture that moment."

Here's more:

"Listen, the 49ers are the best team in the NFC. They got us, but we’ve got to get better and that’s the challenge we have with this team and the opportunity with this team that we’ve got to make sure that we do get better... I love that we just got whooped, because we’ve been getting away with stuff and we’ve been talking about it and we always address those things, but it caught up to us this week. I just know that I love this team, I’m down for this organization because I know we’re going to get it right. "

Accountability... Confidence... A call to arms... We'll take it.

The Eagles were spoon-fed a nice helping of truth serum on Sunday. Now, this becomes about how they'll bounce back.

The Dallas Cowboys are the next step in their journey. Philly hasn't won a road game in Arlington since 2017. If our Birds can win this one, it won't heal the sting of a 49ers beatdown, but it will get them back on track.

One game at a time folks! One day at a time!

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