Brandon Graham offers his theory on last season's Eagles coaching disconnect

B.G. has always been a joy to talk to. He's honest, and that's one of the things we'll miss most.
Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles
Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

15 years flew by didn't they? It seems like it was yesterday when the Philadelphia Eagles traded up in Round 1 of the 2010 NFL Draft to nab Brandon Graham. They ignored Earl Thomas to do so. That seemed like a mistake at times earlier in B.G.'s career, but fast forward and our guy is still playing and smiling while Thomas hasn't played since 2019.

That isn't a shot at Thomas. Think of it more of a tip of the cap to B.G.'s longevity.

Number 55 long won us over with his never-say-die work ethic and trademark smile. We thought Philly would move on long ago, but they stuck with him. He's now a Super Bowl hero and the author of the greatest strip-sack in the game's history.

Recently, he hung out with select members of the Philly media ahead of the Birds' second training camp practice. As always, he was honest and gave us plenty to think about.

Brandon Graham offers his assessment of what went wrong with the Eagles coaching structure last season.

A mandatory minicamp... What a concept! At the time of this story's release, two of three scheduled practices are in the books. Before our Birds hit the practice field, select players were made available to the media.

One of those players was B.G. who is always a joy to talk to. Issues with last season's coaching structure was one of the topics.

Every year won't go as planned. The 2023-2024 Eagles campaign was evidence of that. We have moved on, but the frustration of last season's collapse could be why we're so pumped about the coming season.

This one doubles as B.G.'s swan song. Fingers are crossed for a run to remember. Watch the full press conference below. We'll be pulling for Graham a tad harder (and we already pulled him hard as it is).

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