Bruising free-agent running backs who would reinvent the Eagles' rushing attack

Here are a handful of potential Eagles free-agent targets at the running back position that would give Philly the bruiser that they have been missing.

Josh Jacobs, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Josh Jacobs, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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4. A. J. Dillon, Green Bay Packers

A.J. Dillon should have plenty of tread left on the tires after carrying the rock 666 times in four NFL seasons with the Green Bay Packers. That isn't a lot by pro football standards. He has played 63 games over that span. All of the above numbers include what he did in the postseason.

Standing at six-foot-tall and tipping the scales at 247 pounds, A.J. looks the part of an NFL workhorse running back. With a career 4.1 yards per carry average during the regular season, we can assume that, if he were to land in Philly and play behind that offensive line, he'd be able to perform like one as well.

3. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

Whoa nelly! Can you imagine? Close your eyes for just a few seconds and think of what might happen if the Philadelphia Eagles added Derrick Henry to what they already have.

Rumors surfaced and were debunked that his addition to Philly's roster was a 'done deal'. The author of those rumors defended his stance, but to make longer stories shorter, the smoke didn't lead to a fire. We're here to reignite the rumor mill.

Derrick Henry isn't the guy he was three seasons ago, but the good news is he wouldn't have to be the focal point of Philly's offense. The Birds have raided the Tennessee Titans' cupboard before (A.J. Brown/Kevin Byard), and this addition wouldn't frustrate anyone.

This would also allow Philly to permanently retire all of those annoying QB draws run by Jalen Hurts that continue to put their franchise signal-caller in harm's way.