Bryce Huff will earn his first Pro Bowl nod in his first season with the Eagles

We typically shouldn't guarantee things, but we are guaranteeing Bryce Huff's first Pro Bowl nod.
Bryce Huff, Philadelphia Eagles
Bryce Huff, Philadelphia Eagles / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

It may be a bit of a stretch to describe what Bryce Huff might be experiencing as 'pressure'. It's close though. The Philadelphia Eagles made quite the investment by bringing the former New York Jets star to their nest.

We can count 51.1 million reasons why everyone hopes his acquisition works out in Philly's favor. But, if you're looking for one or two more, think about the following. We have thought about this for a while now.

Haason Reddick and Bryce Huff have, in essence, traded places... sort of. Reddick hadn't shown up to the Jets facility by the time this story was published. You get the idea though. There is a lot of production to replace.

Reddick left the City of Brotherly Love having accumulated 87 tackles, 27 sacks, four pass breakups, and five forced fumbles. He did all of this during 34 regular-season games. He notched another forced fumble, ten tackles, and 3.5 sacks during the postseason. Yep! Huff has a lot to live up to.

Some believe the money that Huff earned could have been given to Haason. We won't debate that here. We're just trying to paint a picture. Here's another parallel.

Despite brilliant seasons with the Arizona Cardinals (2017-2020) and Carolina Panthers (2021), it wasn't until Reddick arrived in Philly that he earned his first Pro Bowl. He leaves the BIrds having earned two nods now in two seasons.

Expect a similar explosion by Huff as he switches shades of green. Here are five of about twenty reasons why we guarantee a Pro Bowl nod.

There's some good mojo on that Number 0 jersey (and Huff gets to home his skills versus the Eagles O-line.

Okay, this is our attempt to place a smile on your face. There's no direct correlation between wearing a specific jersey number and elevating someone's play. Still, if you're a tad superstitious, there's a little mojo on that Number 0 ensemble now.

No Eagle had ever worn the number before D'Andre Swift did so last season. He ran his way to his first Pro Bowl nod behind Philly's elite O-line, one we believe will continue to be elite in 2024.

That same elite O-line gets to work with Saquon Barkley now. Bryce will spar with that O-line at every practice. He'll also get to learn from a great defensive mind.

Vic Fangio's scheme is very edge rusher friendly.

Nick Sirianni is happy now. He finally gets the defensive coordinator he has always wanted, one whose fingerprints are all over the NFL. Vic Fangio comes to town as the inventor of a defensive philosophy and scheme used by so many NFL defensive coordinators. One of which is former Eagles DC Jonathan Gannon.

Under J.G., Philly set a franchise record for team sacks in a single season. Many of their edge rushers and players enjoyed the best seasons as the Birds almost broke the NFL record for teams sacks... and that was under a coordinator that many believed 'sucked'.

Reddick racked up 16 sacks under Gannon and led the league in forced fumbles (five). Huff may not live up to that standard. Then again, he might, but he'll be impressive enough to earn some Pro Bowl votes.

Playing with other stars along the Eagles' defensive line will create a wealth of opportunities for Bryce Huff to shine.

Jalen Carter has a shot at winning the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award. We truly believe that. Expect a few more double teams especially now that Fletcher Cox is gone. Jordan Davis is another monster in the making. We think he'll turn the corner and enjoy a breakout season, but those two aren't the only young Birds worth noting.

Huff is a part of a rotation of edge rushers that includes Brandon Graham. Josh Sweat, and Nolan Smith. Opposing offenses have a lot to think about when they play Philly, and the extra bodies will keep the young guy fresh. Trust us. Huff will have chances to make plays, and we believe when those opportunities arrive, he'll be ready.

Are you beginning to feel it? This is going to be a big year.

Don't be shocked if voters, after snubbing Huff last season, throw an online make-up date.

You've been on a few make-up dates, right? Sometimes, you have to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes, it's good to say I'm sorry. No one says I'm sorry like the NFL and its fans. What does that have to do with Huff you ask? Honestly, we're glad you asked.

Every year, we see the NFL tinker its rules to make the game better and more interesting. Every game, seemingly, we see make-up calls by the refs. Every season, we see snubs... and those makeup dates that follow.

Huff probably should have been given a few more Pro Bowl votes last season after notching ten sacks. Still, again, the Jets don't win, they featured bigger stars, and Huff hasn't been a starter since 2021.

Notching ten sacks, in the minds of some however, means Huff has arrived and is now worth noticing. All that will play in his favor. So will playing in Philly. You might have noticed. The Birds are one of the game's most discussed franchises.

Never underestimate the power of playing for a good team and doing so on television.

Bryce Huff is used to being doubted. He joined the Jets as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2020. He's been buried at times as we have paid more attention to stars who receive more national acclaim like Sauce Gardner, Quinnen Williams, and Aaron Rodgers. Then, there's another component.

Huff was never a starter these past two seasons.

Huff didn't play in primetime very often as a member of the Jets roster. That will change in Philly. Playing on a better team means he'll play in more primetime and more nationally televised games. That introduces him to more fans and helps him build his brnad... Yeah, we're placing our money on a Pro Bowl season.

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