Burning questions ahead of Eagles Week 7 clash versus Dolphins that require speedy answers

The 76ers are back to work. The Phillies are playing in the NLCS, and all we can talk about is the state of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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There's a lot going on in Philly these days, but as you might imagine, an Eagles loss trumps everything else.

We have now entered the back half of October. The Philadelphia Phillies have painted it red as they have qualified to play in the National League Championship Series. The 76ers are back to work, and as you might imagine, with just six games behind us, there is concern surrounding our Philadelphia Eagles.

Panic set in slightly when the Birds began the campaign with five wins. How do you think a loss has gone over? There's no need to waste anyone's time. As we turn the page from Week 6 to Week 7, here are a handful of discussions we're hearing.

Is Brian Johnson the man for the job? Can he get the job done?

Okay, it hasn't been pretty. The results aren't always what we're seeking, but we believe that Brian Johnson is going to prove that he's one of the best young offensive minds in the game.

We'd like to make a suggestion though. During those times when things aren't going well, rather than run the quarterback draw, maybe we can run the tailbacks and orchestrate a few easy throws to get QB1 into a groove.

We all will like what we see if Johnson exercizes this strategy.