Burning questions ahead of Eagles Week 7 clash versus Dolphins that require speedy answers

The 76ers are back to work. The Phillies are playing in the NLCS, and all we can talk about is the state of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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How will this team manage a tough stretch of games if the injuries keep piling up?

They say that availability is a skill. We also know that football is a demolition derby. Injuries will occur. Fortunately, none of the above that were mentioned are of the season-ending variety. Obviously, those sustained by Avonte Maddox and Zech McPhearson don't corroborate that statement.

The hope is guys will return and Philly will get healthier down the stretch. That doesn't help Philly presently though. To make matters worse, Philly has tough games in Week 7, Week 8, and Week 9 versus the Miami Dolphins, Washington Commanders, and Dallas Cowboys respectively, and they face a gauntlet between weeks 11 and 15.

How long is Lane Johnson going to be out of action?

The right side of the offensive line isn't as good while fielding Sua Opeta and Jack Driscoll as it is when Cam Jurgens and Lane Johnson are in the lineup. We know that, if Lane can gut it out, he will, but again, it may behoove good old Howie to pick up the phone and see what's out there.

Driscoll and Opeta combined for about a dozen pressures that we counted. That shot on Jalen Hurts by Jermaine Johnson was truly costly as it resulted in QB1's second interception.

If you need to see the numbers again, here they are. The Eagles are 84-48-1 in games where Johnson has played. They own a 13-22 when he hasn't. That alone is very telling.

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