Carson Wentz posts pictures of himself in an Eagles helmet, Commanders jersey, and Colts shorts

Carson Wentz's social media accounts have always been entertaining, whether he was a member of the Eagles roster or not. Still, it's hard to place one's finger on what he was attempting to communicate with a recent Instagram post.
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Though we all have had to decompress, detach, and disconnect from social media at times, it does have advantages. Often it allows us to rekindle past relationships and keep up with what loved ones are doing. We also find immediate and fresh content that keeps us current on topics related to what our Philadelphia Eagles are doing.

X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, and Threads (IG's new X alternative) allow us access to the lives of our favorite football players both past and present. Sometimes, we wish they didn't.

Carson Wentz has always been an entertaining 'follow' on social media, whether he was a member of the Eagles organization or not, but his recent Instagram post is a head-scratcher. Get a load of this one.

Notice the attire: a Philadelphia Eagles helmet, a Washington Commanders practice jersey, and Indianapolis Colts practice shorts. You have no idea how many times we think about discussing something Carson has done and don't, but we just couldn't let this one ride. When is this man going to announce his retirement?

Someone give former Eagles QB Carson Wentz a call if you have his number. He seems to have gone off the deep end if his IG account is any indication.

Well, things stared off pretty well. We don't need to retell Carson Wentz's story. If you're reading these words, you know it, but just for entertainment purposes, we'll go against our better judgment and give a condensed version anyway.

His first three NFL starts produced wins. Former U.S. President Barack Obama coined the phrase 'Wentz Wagon'. His second NFL season nearly won him the NFL's MVP Trophy, but that's where things began turning.

Carson's sophomore campaign ended with injury, an ACL/MCL tear, and despite a few highlight-reel moments here and there, he has limped on ever since (pun intended).

Currently, he is unemployed. He will stay that way if he never learns the subtle nuances of humility and aligns himself with the theory that, at best, his ceiling in the NFL is as a journeyman career backup. Then again, the Eagles wouldn't have won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles had he not helped set the table, so maybe there's hope even if said hope is minimal.

If you're like the rest of us, you have already moved on from Carson Wentz from a mental and emotional standpoint. Maybe he should move on with life as well, but who knows? We all love a great comeback story, right?

He'll never play for the Eagles, Commanders, or Colts again, but maybe this story has a few twists and turns remaining. The question here is what's wrong with us?

Every time, we see him, we feel like turning the television off. Instead, we turn the volume up. Keep those antennas handy. Something tells us we're not done.

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