Chad Johnson makes his pitch for a job the Eagles have yet to post

The Eagles haven't reached out to Chad Johnson about any job openings. At least we haven't heard such, but he appears to be making his pitch anyway.
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Some guys are just different in terms of 'moving the needle'. Chad Johnson hasn't suited up to play a football game that counts against his employer's win total since Super Bowl XLVI. He snagged one catch for 21 yards in that one. He hasn't played in a regular-season or playoff game since. Why is it then that any time he says anything about the Philadelphia Eagles we can't help but tune our antennas to pick up the frequency?

Maybe the answer is a simple one. Chad Johnson is just wildly entertaining. Guess what? He apparently also wants to be a football coach.

We'll be honest. When we woke up this morning, we didn't think we'd be drawing lines that connect the dots representing him and the Philadelphia Eagles, but how boring would life be if there were no surprises?

Chad Johnson wants to be the next Eagles wide receivers coach. Now all Philly has to do is make that job available.

The first day of February began quietly enough. As is the case with everyone else that loves Eagles football, we were discussing what-ifs and a few theories. Then a post surfaced on X. Chad Johnson reposted and added a few words of his own while quoting.

Here's the kicker. At the time this story was released, Philly hadn't moved on from the current assistant in that position, Aaron Moorehead. Here's a question though. Who wouldn't be down for giving Johnson a shot. Seriously. How much worse could he be than Aaron Moorehead? He also films the CW Network's Inside The NFL in the City of Brotherly Love.

We've mentioned Philly's current wide receivers coach on our platform before. We have nothing personal against him. We were just curious. What has he done that we can quantify as making any Eagles wideout under his direction better?

Think about Quez Watkins. Hasn't he consistently gotten worse? What about A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith? Are they good because Moorehead is leading them or are they just good?

That brings us back to Chad Johnson.

The man formerly known as Ochocinco, which doesn't actually mean '85' by the way (ochenta y cinco would actually be the Spanish translation) is making his desires known publicly. He's been a fan of the Eagles for years, and even though we know nothing about his acumen as a coach, we believe he'd be better than Aaron Moorehead.

If the Birds do wind up moving on from their wide receivers coach of the past four NFL seasons, we'd certainly offer some unsolicited advice that ends with Philly giving Chad Johnson as call. We'd also recommend calling Hines Ward. The latter spent 2023 leading the XFL's San Antonio Brahmas as their head coach.

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