Colin Cowherd throws gas on the Jalen Hurts vs Dak Prescott debate and lights a match

Colin Cowherd has drawn the ire of a few Eagles fans from time to time, but this may help ease him back into their good graces.
Dak Prescott (L), Jalen Hurts (R), Philadelphia Eagles
Dak Prescott (L), Jalen Hurts (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Some call him a hot-take artist. Others call him one of the more entertaining voices in sports media. Others still believe that he's public enemy number one among Philadelphia Eagles fans. Regardless of where you stand in all of that, here's where we can probably lock arms. There are few who can claim to be as good at their job as Colin Cowherd is at his. He has carved out his place. He often gets people talking.

If you're one of those Birds fans who have been rubbed the wrong way one time too many, here's something that you may want to check out. One of his recent theories, one involving Philly's QB1 Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys, may help him inch back into your good graces, even if it only does so minimally.

The Ringer, Colin Cowherd reignite the Jalen Hurts versus Dak Prescott discussion.

We're less than a week away from the first Eagles game. If you listen closely, you can hear whispers related to the NFC East being a two-team race. Hurts and Prescott will have a lot to say about how things turn out. Recently, both landed in a recent quarterback ranking released by The Ringer. Dak took the eighth spot while Jalen was ranked tenth. Cowherd was having none of it.

Say what you will about Colin Cowherd. It's hard to deny that he hit the nail on the head with this one. He can be a bit much at times. Hey, that's part of the deal when you ask a man to show up for work and talk for three hours, but for as long as Dak plays for the Cowboys and Jalen is the franchise signal-caller for the Philadelphia Eagles, these two will be compared to one another. Heck, they'll be compared to one another even when they aren't.

Some would call it an argument that we have repeatedly given too much time to discuss. Others take their opportunity to rehash the discussion every chance that they get. Playing in the same division for two of the most popular teams in American sports ties these two together.

They are companion pieces in history with one's legacy linked to the other. Let's get one thing straight though. Colin Cowherd is right. Jalen Hurts has leapfrogged Dak Prescott in the quarterback hierarchy, and ladies and gentlemen, it isn't as close a race as some people are telling you.

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