Common questions surrounding the Eagles' offense after two games, attempts to provide clarity

Despite a 2-0 record, questions surround the Eagles' offense and their execution as a unit. Let's attempt to answer many of them.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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Why is Jalen Hurts being used so heavily in the running game?

Johnson's play calling has also been maddening when it comes to Jalen Hurts's rushing ability. Instead of shifting some of the load off of Hurts, it seems that a large amount of the rushing workload is still coming from the superstar quarterback.

In a vaccuum, Hurts's rushig ability is a vital part of the Eagles' offense. He is a dynamic runner that can opene everything up for Philadelphia. Yet, Hurts already has nine desgined runs throughout two games and has 21 total rush attmepts on the season.

The decisions to run Hurts, such as calling a quarterback draw when trying to close out the game against New England, is putting the quarterback in unnecessary danger. Hurts is so important to the Eagles offense, as the elite quarterback elevates the team to a different level. If he were to be lost for an extended period, the team would be in a rough position.