Common questions surrounding the Eagles' offense after two games, attempts to provide clarity

Despite a 2-0 record, questions surround the Eagles' offense and their execution as a unit. Let's attempt to answer many of them.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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Why is there no rhyme or reason to the Eagles' random usage of their running backs?

Out of the issues with the Eagles' offense, this issue may hold the least importance at the current moment. Yet, it has the potential to be the most damaging one if not resolved in the coming weeks.

Throughout the entire offseason, the depth of the Eagles' running back room was hyped up consistently. Between Swift, Gainwell, Penny, and Scott, the narrative was that any of the four backs could take over the backfield at any moment.

Yet, it currently seems like the Eagles are operating off a whim when deciding which running back to give the most touches. It may be gameplan-related in certain weeks, but there is no excuse for DeAndre Swift to have two total touches in any game. Gainwell needs to be consistently involved, while Scott and Penny should not be frozen out either.

Rather than employ a committee approach, the Eagles are just force-feeding whatever running back has the 'hot hand' that week. While potentially successful in the short term, it is not conducive to long-term success.

Gainwell is already dealing with a rib injury, while Swift and Penny have extensive injury histories of their own. If the Eagles overwork their running backs early in the season, they risk harming the depth they built up at the position.