Contractual catastrophes the Eagles must avoid during the 2024 offseason

The Eagles didn't ask us for our opinion, but of course we're going to make offers anyway.
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Raise your hands if you've thrown on those imaginary accounting hats. No one? It's just us? It can't be. It's officially the offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles, and we know the drill. Everyone knows what that means. Everyone has their theories about what this team needs to do to get better. Everyone will share them with anyone who will listen.

In our minds, we have already determined who needs to be re-signed and who our Birds must move on from. In our minds, we have the perfect draft board, and the list of guys Philly must pursue when we reach free agency. There's just one problem. Howie Roseman and company didn't ask our opinion about any of this.

Who knows why we do it? Why do we try? The Eagles never listen to us anyway, but that won't stop us from offering them some advice.

This time around, we have some ideas about the salary cap and a few no-nos we'd like to mention.

The Eagles can't enter next season carrying Kevin Byard's salary.

Calculus throws us off from time to time. Trigonometry was equally as frustrating. Addition and subtraction we understand perfectly.

If the Eagles hang onto Kevin Byard this season, he'll earn $14.2 million. If they cut ties, he represents $711,000 in dead cap space. We elect for the latter idea.

He has to go, and he needs to leave quickly. Philly needs a little addition by subtraction. Eliminating his salary isn't the only thing on Philly's to-do list though (if it's a part of their thinking at all) or at least it shouldn't be.