Contractual catastrophes the Eagles must avoid during the 2024 offseason

The Eagles didn't ask us for our opinion, but of course we're going to make offers anyway.
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The Eagles can ill-afford to overpay aging players because of some misplaced sense of loyalty.

Howie Roseman's approval rating has skyrocketed from where it was when we first met him. Part of the reason we, at times, examined him skeptically was he sometimes had to put out contractual fires when he was also guilty of lighting the match.

Take guys like Jason Peters. Philly got locked into this cycle where they kept paying 'The Bodyguard' a king's ransom when he was well past his prime. That kept them from paying some of the younger talent.

Howie isn't as bad as he once was, but he still shows a tendency to be too attached to his guys. This team is in a good place financially as we eye the salary cap's future, but handing too many bad deals to old guys will flip that in a hurry.

We're begging you Howie Roseman. Don't rewrite any deals that turn into massive cap hits later.

Here's where Howie Roseman can be most criticized. We view him as a cap genius, but is he? Is it fair to state there's a tendency to kick cans down the road that he'll need to pick up later.

There are times when Philly's GM treats the salary cap like a credit card. Close your eyes, swipe, and worry about the bill later. That's how you end up paying Brandon Brooks in 2023 when he's long been off the team.

A.J. will need a restructure, but that's a business practice that can't be overused. We can understand the thought process. All we're saying is it's dangerous.

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