Cooper DeJean wins Eagles fans over immediately and gets teased by Darius Slay

Cooper DeJean meets the Philly media and wins everyone over immediately. He even received a playful jab from new teammate Darius Slay.
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

If succeeding in the NFL was simply based on a man's talent, 'First Down' Freddie Mitchell would have been remembered as one of the greatest Philadelphia Eagles to ever don a midnight or kelly green jersey. No one remembers FredEX as such. That alone is a life lesson.

You have to be able to ball too. Then, you can, hopefully, be mentioned among franchise greats like Brian Dawkins and Jason Kelce.

We're still examining this Cooper DeJean fellow. We'll be honest. We didn't watch a ton of Iowa Hawkeyes football. Here's what we'd like to mention though.

We're impressed by DeJean's resume and by what people say about him. And, if his first conversation with the Philly media is an indication of anything, he won't have any issue with winning the City of Brotherly Love and Birds fans over. Let's just say the rookie has made quite an impression.

Cooper DeJean impresses, but two statements will stick with Eagles fans everywhere.

"If there was a game played today, I'd be ready to go". Who knows what it is about statements like that, but they always make us smile. That wasn't the most memorable statement made by DeJean while speaking with the Philly media though.

"This is the place I wanted to be. I had a great visit there. This is something you dream of as a little kid. I’m excited to bring my talents there.” It sounds like the Unanimous All-American is excited to be an Eagle. He also mentioned Philly's brass and coaches discussing his versatility with him.

He can play outside corner, slot corner, and safety...
“I don’t have a preference,” he said. “I’m a football player. You put me on the field and I’m going to go play football, whether it’s inside, outside, safety, wherever it is.”

DeJean's addition wasn't missed by Darius Slay. During an interview he did with Whistle during his pre-draft process, the new guys was asked to choose whether he would “start, bench, or cut” Sauce Gardner, Jalen Ramsey, and Darius Slay.

His answer? “I guess I had to cut Slay.” The Eagles captain was NOT letting that ride.

Coop eventually got the message! As you'd expect, he did the right thing and won a team captain over.

Yep! That Eagles DB meeting room is going to be a fun place to hang out. Back to football though.

In addition to his All-American nod, DeJean won the 2023 Tatum–Woodson Defensive Back of the Year, the Rodgers–Dwight Return Specialist of the Year, and the second of a pair of First-Team All-Big Ten nods. He's a baller! Watch his full discussion with the Philly media below.

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