Cornerback unsurprisingly named as player Eagles should consider trading

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran cornerback James Bradberry faces an uncertain future with the Philadelphia Eagles. As a result, he was recently listed by Bleacher Report as a player the team should consider trading before the start of the 2024 NFL season.

Bleacher Report basically makes the case that a reduced role could lead to Bradberry becoming a malcontent, and that by trading him the team could avoid a potential distraction. Here's some of the provided rationale:

"Philadelphia's struggles against the pass contributed to the team's late-season collapse in 2023, and the Eagles attacked the secondary with a vengeance in this year's draft—Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell and Iowa corner Cooper DeJean were the team's first two selections.

". . . There are no shortage of NFL teams that have a need in the secondary—you'd likely have to remove your shoes to count them all. At least one will talk themselves into believing Bradberry can regain his 2022 form. Philly should find such a team, add a pick in 2025, and rid themselves of an unhappy veteran before he becomes a distraction."

What Howie Roseman had to say

Things obviously could have changed since then, but earlier this offseason Eagles general manager Howie Roseman tried to shut down speculation that the Eagles could look to part with Bradberry.

“He’s under contract, part of our plans,” Roseman said of Bradberry, while also adding that he will likely spend most of his time next season as an outside corner. "I think he's an outside guy," Roseman said. " . . . When you look at JB and his history and his success as an outside corner, to ask him to do something which is a really different position is hard."

New position?

Instead of trading Bradberry, the Eagles might try to use him at a different position -- safety. With newfound depth at cornerback, moving to safety could be a way for Bradberry to continue to contribute to Philadelphia's secondary.

“Now he’s working some of the safety stuff," Eagles coach Nick Sirianni said of Bradberry this week. "I’m excited about that, and his opportunity. You’ve seen a lot of good corners in this league [make the switch]. I guess the first guy that comes to mind is Charles Woodson. He went from elite corner to being an elite nickel to being an elite safety.”

Perhaps switching positions will be the thing that extends Bradberry's tenure in Philadelphia.