Cowboys fans have unjustified confidence ahead of Week 9 clash vs. Eagles

What constitutes a certainty? Death? ... Maybe. Taxes? ... Only if you want to do them. Annoying Cowboys fans? That's always and forever....
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
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In Week 9, the Philadelphia Eagles are scheduled for their first matchup of the 2023 season with the Dallas Cowboys. The games between these two are always among the most important of the season, but this one is doubly so because this involves a close race for the NFC East title. The top seed in the NFC is also on the line. It's going to be contentious on the field and even more so on social media.

There's nothing better than trash-talking a divisional opponent and their fans, especially when you legitimately hate them. We've found ourselves in familiar waters with Cowboys fans this week. They're as obnoxious as always, and they still believe in a team that's going to inevitably embarrass themselves on the biggest stage. That's what makes all of this so sweet.

Every week, we do a vibe check on the fans of the next Eagles opponent's fans. Most of the time, we have to dive pretty deep into Twitter or 'X' to find out what fans are saying. That isn't the case with the Cowboys.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves and tell everyone what they are thinking, ESPECIALLY when those thoughts are better left unsaid. Here's what the Cowboys fans are doing ahead of Week 9's game. Try to avoid the temptation to laugh.

Cowboys fans will never let you down when it comes to being ruthlessly obnoxious about a mediocre team.

Yeah... It never ends.

If you were going to make an argument that ended with disallowing certain people from using the internet, this Tweet should be your evidence. This is low quality and low effort. There's an attempt to be profound, but this, in a word, is awful.

Adding the exclamation point at the end is a weird move too. Are we supposed to read this like someone is shouting it? If someone shouts this in your face, you are legally allowed to slug them right in the nuts.

Tony Parlay just learned the phrase 'Smoking on that _____ pack' earlier that day and he's trying to use it as much as possible. Also, if it's raining so much that it puts out whatever you're smoking, maybe you don't need to smoke at that minute. Just a thought.

There are a lot of obnoxious Cowboys fans out there, and Mike Tag very well may be the most obnoxious. You can't knock him for his fandom. You have to respect the fandom. It's the mannerisms. It's the meaningless pacing. It's the volume.

If you don't want to watch the entire video and you just run the first five seconds of it, know that the intro is the quietest part. Pray for the person holding the camera, because their eardrums are disintegrated.

You have to wonder what Mr. Tag does for a living. He's either a very buttoned-up paralegal and this is his only outlet, or he operates a wood chipper and has to yell just to communicate effectively.

Imagine murdering the Bye Week. That's a tough thing to do and few teams are capable of doing so. The Cowboys MUST be a very real team.

Coble is very realistic. The game is won in the trenches and if your line stinks, then the team stinks. The Cowboys' offensive line does, in fact, stink. You are correct.

Everyone has shared their takes on this game on social media and on TV. People have said that one team or another sucks. People have said Dak Prescott is terrible and that Jalen Hurts is too hurt to play. People have flamed the Eagles' defensive backfield and people have flamed the Cowboys offensive line.

@RangersEnjoyer hasn't heard any of that and hit us with the most cowardly, yet correct opinion of the week. It's facts only in their world.

When you haven't been to the Super Bowl in forever, you have to make up your own version... in Week 9. That is textbook delusion.

Against all odds, JCPenney is still a company. Good for them. You can probably count the number of companies that thank the people they paid to endorse them on one hand. Class act move.

What... the. Hell... It's not just that @GodfatherLeague hasn't had their soul crushed by decades of the Cowboys failing spectacularly in the postseason but it's also that atrocity of a photoshop. You can go on Reddit and pay someone $5 to come up with something 50 times better than this. Hell, there's AI stuff that can do better than this too.

The confetti is the wrong color, Terry Bradshaw is about 90 years older than he looks in this picture, Mike McCarthy hasn't looked that young/thin/unbroken in 10 years, and Dak looks like he's laughing at a joke he doesn't think is funny. It's awful.

So yeah, for the most part, Cowboys fans are very confident that their team is going to walk away from Week 9 with a win. Objectively their vibes are good. They're incredibly obnoxious, but their vibe are good.

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