Dak Prescott adds fuel to Eagles versus Cowboys fire with puzzling postgame statement

You won't believe what we heard recently. Dak Prescott discussed the coming Eagles versus Cowboys game on Sunday, and let's just say he should have left well enough alone.
Dak Prescott, Philadelphia Eagles news
Dak Prescott, Philadelphia Eagles news / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

And, just like that, it's Dallas Cowboys Week! Eight weeks of the NFL season are in the books once the coming Monday Night Football game is played. The Philadelphia Eagles have turned the page from one game versus a divisional rival to another. Those dudes from Texas who have so often been erroneously referred to as America's Team are next on the 18-week, 17-game slate.

That's pretty much all that needs to be said when it comes to a coming game featuring one of pro football's most bitter rivalries. Wouldn't you know it though? Someone from the Cowboys' organization has stepped in front of a microphone and opened his mouth to say something asinine.

You won't believe what Dak Prescott said ahead of the coming Eagles versus Cowboys game.

Say what you will about Dak Prescott. No, he isn't clutch. We know that Dallas will NEVER win a Super Bowl as long as he's the staring quarterback for their organization, but whether you're a fan or not (we clearly aren't), the Eagles have had their issues with him.

As a starter, Rayne Dakota Prescott is 8-3 versus the Birds. Philly hasn't beaten him since 2019. They haven't beaten him in Arlington since 2017.

Here's one thing that we can give Dak credit for though. He's a good soldier. Usually, he offers a mature response and it's Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones who can't help himself in front of a microphone. Following a Week 8 win over the lowly Los Angeles Rams, those two had a bit of a role reversal.

Good ol' Jerry said he doesn’t want to “poke the bear” by discussing the upcoming Eagles/Cowboys clash. Dak decided to do his Jerry Jones impression.

"“Pour honey on me. If I’m ever in a fight with a bear, pour honey on me. I’m looking forward to [that type of fight].”"

Wait! What? Okay... First of all, pause....

We won't get into what Dak said, even though we could have tons of fun by doing so. Sometimes, even though the bait is hard to resist, you have to ignore it and keep on swimming. Here's where we'll leave this though.

No one should be shocked that the Cowboys are beating their chests following a big win over a team THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BEAT! Dallas is reading their own press clippings from their local media again.

Week 8's game should be fun! We have plenty of time to break it down as we move through the coming week, but this is a better team than the ones that a Prescott-led Cowboys team has faced as of late.

As far as visions of the Cowboys signal-caller covering himself in honey? Nah, there's no way you're going to get us to touch that one.