Dak Prescott's continued Dallas tenure is the Eagles' best-case scenario, maybe

Dak Prescott beats the Eagles far too often, but we have to look at the bigger picture here.
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Here's one of those statements that will get you crushed by your friends or co-workers. There are times when we miss Andy Reid. Sure, he never got the Philadelphia Eagles over that last hump, but life was so much simpler when he was pacing the sidelines.

Our Birds often found their way to the NFC Championship Game. They owned the NFC East. Most importantly, they took the measure of Washington, the New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys
more often than not,

So, yeah... We love Doug Pederson and Nick Sirianni, but we miss Big Red. The last time the NFC East saw a repeat champion was when Philly stacked four straight divisional crowns from 2001-2004.

With that being said, if our math is correct, Philly's time in the penthouse could come this season following the Cowboys' divisional title last time around,

There's one huge speed bump to drive over, and his name is Rayne Dakota Prescott. Perhaps you've heard... He's approaching another payday, and we hope he remains in Dallas when he earns it.

Dak Prescott remaining in Dallas as the Cowboys' QB1 would be a best-case scenario for Eagles fans, sort of.

We all remember the story. We rewind the tape to 2016. The nightmare that was Chip Kelly's coaching era was over. Doug Pederson was Philly's new head coach, and Andy Reid had a hand in making that happen.)

'Dougie Fresh' and the Eagles (yes, we realize he has never been called that) were looking for a QB to hitch their wagon to. They settled on Carson Wentz with the second overall selection. Dak Prescott was taken 133 selections later as Dallas added him in Round 4.

The rest, as they say, is history. Carson Wentz has lost to the Cowboys five times in nine tries as a starter. Four of those losses came in Philly. Dak Prescott, meanwhile, has crafted a 9-4 record as a starter versus Philly. The Birds haven't won in Arlington since 2017. Yeah... We aren't sure of how much more of this we can take.

Here's what we can say. Dak Prescott's continued tenure in Dallas would be a best-case scenario for the Birds. Yes, we realize that some of you, in light of what we just said, are asking yourselves how a statement like that could be possible. The answer comes down to two theories.

Yes, Dak beats the Eagles more often than he loses to them, but we trust Philly will retake control of this rivalry at some point. The overall picture is most important.

The Cowboys don't win in the playoffs. Dak is 2-5 in postseason play with a 14-7 TD-to-interception ratio and a 64.5 completion percentage. He recently told Patrik Walker of the Cowboys' official site "I don't play for money".

Here's a direct quote: "I have never cared for it, to be honest with you. Yeah, I would give it up just to play this game."

We're not sure is we believe that. His contract features a no-tag clause. He is set to play the final year of his deal without any guarantees, other than the fact that he'll cash in if he hits the open market. Trust us on this one. Dak won't be turning down any pay raises. We just hope it comes in Dallas.

We have seen the ceiling. Dak needs perfect surroundings and elite weapons to be his most effective. He doesn't own a clutch gene. He shrinks i big moments, and to a Philadelphia Eagles fan, that's what you want to see from their rivals... mediocrity.

Yeah, that's the word. Mediocrity... If this is what 'all-in' looks like for the Cowboys, we hope they go all-in every year.

Dak's price tag continues to rise. The cost of keeping him is only getting more expensive. Jared Goff recently inked a four-year $212 million extension with the Detroit Lions, and Dak's number figures to equal or exceed what Goff has earned.

So, while it's true that Dak has taken the measure of our Birds too often, we'd like to invest in the big picture. Dallas will never win anything significant as long as Jerry Jones, Mike McCarthy, and Dak Prescott work together. We hope they do so for a long time.

Philly will figure out their Dallas riddle at some point. Something tells us they would have beaten the Cowboys on Christmas Eve of 2022 had Jalen Hurts played. Oh well... Should have... Could have... Would have...

What's that? You were wondering what happened to Carson Wentz's career? Let's just say that things haven't gone as he would have liked. He's bounced around recently. Since leaving Philly, he has seen four different rosters in four seasons.

He has donned the jerseys of the Indianapolis Colts (2021), the Washington Commanders (2022), and the L.A. Rams (2023). He most recently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on April 2nd, and if he wins a Super Bowl WITH Andy Reid, something tells us that we might never recover.

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