D’Andre Swift enjoys a mini-medical miracle, avoids Eagles injury report after being hit by a Howitzer

The Eagles' starters played too deep into a blowout loss and their best running back was injured. The good news is D'Andre Swift appears to be okay.
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Most of us didn't like it when we saw it. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni later doubled down in support of his own decision. Still, we don't like it. With his Birds down by a 42-19 margin with three minutes remaining in the game, the starting offense was still on the field. Everyone knows what happened next.

In a perfect example of Sirianni messing with a bull and getting the horns, running back D’Andre Swift was DEMOLISHED by 49ers defensive back Deommodore Lenoir. It was one of the bigger hits of the 2023 season.

Swift went down to a knee. He then visited the medical tent before leaving the field and heading in the locker room. 

Sirianni later lamented he felt that his team still had a chance, but was risking the health of his players worth it? We've thought about Swift's health a great deal since then. Thankfully, we got some good news on Wednesday.

Despite having his bones turned to dust, D'Andre Swift doesn't land on the Eagles' Week 14 injury report. Friends, that's a good thing.

We've been waiting to see what the first Week 14 injury report would look like. How healthy might the Eagles be ahead of what should be a difficult game versus the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football?

Would Swift be on that report? We just saw his body get wrecked in the open field, so we wouldn't be shocked if he was, but thankfully, he isn't injured. Check out the full list of names below.

First things first. We're glad D'Andre Swift is okay. It’s the coach's job to protect the players and 'live to fight another day' though. For some reason, however, Nick refused to budge. We again don't know why.

We heard discussions ahead f the season about Swift being injury-prone. When players of that sort get their souls removed from their bodies like D'Andre did, they often find their way onto the injury report. We have since debunked theories about D'Andre being injury-prone, but if you needed more evidence of that idea, this should be a good sign.

Swift is an ox. This dude is as tough as nails, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, 14 weeks into the season the coaching staff will recognize that and make him a priority player in the offense.

Our guy has the opportunity to have his first 1,000-yard rushing season, and his body can clearly hold up through the entire campaign. Let's hope we see more of him the rest of the way

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