D'Andre Swift shares thought on the Eagles collapse with an unexpected rival

D'Andre Swift is one of eight Eagles at the Pro Bowl, and while there, he spent time with a divisional rival.
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Gosh... Do we really have to watch the Pro Bowl Games? Well, at least there will be eight Philadelphia Eagles attending the festivities. We'll tell you what! We'll enjoy that flag football game much more than the coming Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers... The Kansas City Chiefs... It feels like Birds fans lose regardless of who Super Bowl Sunday's winner is. Yeah... Bring on flag football and that doggone skills competition.

One of the eight Birds in attendance is Eagles running back D'Andre Swift. He teamed with a rival, Micah Parsons on the latter's podcast. That one is truly worth a listen.

D'Andre Swift shares thoughts on his future in Philly and what caused the recent Eagles collapse.

Yeah.... We know what you mean. There are too many podcasts at this point. There are too many to keep up with. We recommend the Inside The Iggles pod though.

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The New Heights brand always delivers the goods. You can often hear great stuff on The Edge With Micah Parsons if you feel like subjecting yourself to the thoughts of a rival.

Parsons, as mentioned, chatted with D'Andre and gave us a lot that we can toss back and forth for a while. Fast forward to the 8:51 mark to hear their discussion with one another. Will, he be back? How does he feel about running the 'Brotherly Shove' on the goal line? What contributed to the Eagles' collapse? According to 'Swifty', the Birds didn't "make enough plays" (among other things). Click the link below to hear more though.

It's February. We still have another month before we have to begin serious discussions about free agency No one knows what that will mean for D'Andre or if he'll return for a second Eagles season. He played the most recent campaign knowing that he was doing so in a contract year without any guarantees.

We're certain of something though, two things actually. The Eagles are going to be fine. The collapse will push them in a positive direction even if it seems like it won't right now. We're also well aware that Parsons wants to be in Philly as a member of the Eagles. The signs are obvious.

Seriously, you see how he goes on and on about this team, right? Stay tuned. He enters free agency's pool in 2026 as most would assume the Dallas Cowboys will exercise their fifth-year option on him.

Swift is just one example of several mature professionals. Philly has some leaders in its locker room. They're well aware of how last season ended, and believe it or not, they're more upset than you are. Better days are coming, and they're arriving relatively soon.

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