D’Andre Swift can (and will) hit 1,000 rushing yards in Week 17

12 yards. He's just12 lousy yards away from joining the Eagles 2023 1k club.
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles currently have two players on their roster who have exceeded the 1,000-yard plateau. Both are receivers though. A.J. Brown hit quadruple digits in Week 9 while DeVonta Smith did so in Week 16. Now, it's finally time for running back, D'Andre Swift in this instance, to join the club.

Last week we talked about how close Swift was to hitting the 1,000 rushing yard milestone. He was just 104 yards away from hitting the bull's eye, and boy oh boy… he came SUPER close to hitting it.

Week 17 is going to be a big week for D’Andre Swift. He's about to add to an already impressive resume.

D'Andre Swift looks to add another feather to his cap in Week 17.

Ahead of the Eagles' final drive of the fourth quarter in Week 16, Swift had tallied 49 rushing yards. Then he ripped off seven straight runs that netted 43 more. That gave him 92 yards for the evening and 988 yards for the season.

He needs 12 yards, just 12 measly yards to reach the 1K plateau. That should be an easy ask seeing as how the only time he hasn’t gained 12 rushing yards in a game was Week 1 (when he mysteriously only had a single carry). 

In Week 17, the Arizona Cardinals are coming to Philadelphia and the Cards' defense is really, truly, and foolishly bad. We’re talking ‘worst defense in the NFL’ levels of bad. They have the worst Defensive DVOA in the league. They’re allowing the most rushing yards per game (147.0 yards) and when you watch them play, they look worse than this makes them sound. 

The only thing standing in front of Swift's goal of reaching 1,000 yards is former Eagles defensive coordinator/Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon and company. If he comes back to Philadelphia with the best game plan ever and coaches the best game of his life, it could hamper Swift… but he also went into the Super Bowl with a game plan that couldn’t stop a Pop Warner team, so you have to think that’s not going to happen.

This will be huge for Swift. It’s something he’s miraculously never done before. In his first three seasons in the NFL (with the Detroit Lions) Swift’s career-high was 617 rushing yards. That was undoubtedly due to the Lions’ destructive tendency of playing their guys when they aren’t healthy. 

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