Debunking Colin Cowherd's recent controversial Philadelphia Eagles hot take

Colin Cowherd, Philadelphia Eagles
Colin Cowherd, Philadelphia Eagles / Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Say his name, and you'll see a wide range of responses. Some roll their eyes. Others will tell you they're huge fans. Others still will dismiss him as a 'hot-take artist'. You won't have to work hard to find Philadelphia Eagles fans that fall in that latter category. That being said, FOX Sports radio host/FS1 TV personality Colin Cowherd is at it again.

He has long been mentioned and often dismissed as an 'Eagles hater', so his recent theory shouldn't shock anyone... "Now, we have to tell you a team that we think is really good, but there's some blinking red lights". That's how he classified the Eagles during a recent airing of his highly popular The Herd brand.

There's just one question that we need to answer. What in the world does that mean?

Colin Cowherd believes the Eagles will take a step backward.

Jalen Hurts runs far too often. Philly's leading rusher is gone. The offensive line is "really, really old". Both coordinators are gone, including the offensive coordinator. There's a little drama that comes with employing A.J. Brown as one of your wide receivers. The schedule is tougher than it was last season. Those are some of the reasons Colin Cowherd gives for his expectation that the Eagles will take a step backward.

We'll go the other way on this. While the schedule will be tougher, Philly's NFC East rivals will play most of the same teams. The outlier is, by virtue of qualifying for the Super Bowl as the NFC's representative, Philly will have to face the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Washington Commanders won't have to do that.

Still, Colin argues that the Eagles have the NFC's second-best roster, we'll disagree and place them ahead of the San Francisco 49ers. There's also a possibility that the Seattle Seahawks are a bigger threat now to Philly than the Niners are.

Jalen Hurts will be fine. We expect him to rely on his weapons more often. Losing Shane Steichen was huge, but Brian Johnson is a fine play caller in his own right, one that has known Jalen Hurts longer than QB1 has known himself. The O-line is the best in the NFL.

Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson have aged but have shown no signs of deterioration. The other three starters (Jordan Mailata, Landon Dickerson, and whoever wins the battle at right guard) are all very young and talented.

As far as A.J. Brown is concerned, sure, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, but is he drama-filled? Absolutely not! We're scratching our heads about where that theory comes from.

All respect is due to Colin Cowherd. Whether you're a fan or not, he's a legend in the game. 14 wins may not be in the cards this season, but the Eagles will win the NFC East. They'll have a shot to reach the Super Bowl. If those are "blinking red lights" or evidence of taking a step backward, sign us up immediately. This is going to be a good team for a long time.