Deebo Samuel storming off interview proves Eagles still live rent free

The 49ers can be officially be named as an Eagles extended rival now (if they aren't seen as one already). Deebo Samuel hangs up on Zach Gelb during a recent interview.
Deebo Samuel, Philadelphia Eagles
Deebo Samuel, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

At some point or another, you may have read this publication and seen the following statement mentioned. For the sake of argument, it needs to be recycled. Once upon a time, we believed that gold was a perfect team color for the San Francisco 49ers because they also represented themselves as one of the NFL's 'gold standards'. That isn't the case anymore. The way they have handled themselves following the rear-end whooping the Philadelphia Eagles handed them is all the evidence you need of that statement. You aren't going to believe what happened recently though.

We take that back. Maybe you will. Nothing these guys do surprises us anymore.

Recently, Zach Gelb was promised a 15-minute interview with Deebo Samuel on his CBS Sports platform. He would only be given five minutes. The highlights of the discussion included a conversation about a clip of Deebo on the treadmill, some brief theories about the NIners' quarterback dilemma, and Gelb's attempt to clear up something the Niners star said in February while sharing his feelings on San Fran's loss to the Birds in the NFC Championship Game.

Gelb's final question would result to Samuel handing the phone off to a member of his public relations staff like it was a hot potato and the termination of the call.

Yes friends... It appears the Birds are still living in the minds of the 49ers and doing so without having to pay rent. Again, it's just sad to see this when one is old enough to remember when San Fran carried itself with dignity.

The Eagles and 49ers meet in Week 13, and it feels like changes to the team nickname and colors are in order.

Since 1951, the Eagles and 49ers have met on the field 36 times to play a football game. San Fran leads the all-time series by a 20-15-1 margin, but the Birds have taken eight of the last 11 meetings. That includes last January's NFC Championship Game, a 31-7 shellacking, one the Niners have yet to move on from.

They meet again on December 3rd in Week 13 of the NFL's regular season. That one will be played in the friendly confines of Lincoln Financial Field in front of the Philly faithful. Recently, we have seen teams introduce new jersey combinations and new helmets, for the Niners, we suggest a name change.

'49ers' no longer fits this team's image. How about we call them the San Francisco Forty-Whiners? While we're at it, we can change the team colors from scarlet and gold to puke green (for envy) and yellow (for cowardice). Give Deebo the captain's patch just to drive the point home. Gosh... And, you thought Dallas Cowboys fans were irritating.

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