Derek Barnett and 5 new Eagles fighting for their roster lives during the 2023 NFL season

Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles
Derek Barnett, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Derek Barnett isn't the only Eagles player with a lot riding on the coming NFL season.

It isn't the longest regular season in a professional arena by any means. As a matter of fact, it's the shortest. The MLB's grind lasts for 162 games. The NBA... 82 games, but every calendar year, from September to January, the 18-week Philadelphia Eagles season promises us 17 contests. That's it. That's all.

Per league rules, 90 men can be carried through the preseason by all 32 franchises before each team must trim its roster to the allowable 53 men and 16-man practice squad ahead of the first regular season game. The men on this list have a lot to prove.

There are undrafted rookies and new and familiar guys on one-year prove-it deals. There are also aging veterans and potential cap casualties. Each NFL preseason gives us much to discuss. It feels like there's a chance that some of the guys that we're expecting to make the team won't, and if they do, they'll be fighting for the opportunity to be considered for next year's roster all season.

Kentavius Street, defensive lineman

Kentavius Street signed a one-year, prove-it deal on March 30th. It seemed like a solid signing at the time, but since then, Philly drafted Jalen Carter and Moro Ojomo.

Fletcher Cox will make the team as will Jordan Davis. One would think Milton Williams will be on the roster as well. That begs the question. What does that mean for Marlon Tuipulotu and Street? Or, are they moving Street to the edge?