DeSean Jackson retires on his birthday, shares memories of his favorite moment in Eagles green

DeSean Jackson retires as an Eagle on his birthday. Who knew? One of his favorite moments is also one of ours.
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles / Hunter Martin/GettyImages

Every time we hear someone talk about DeVonta Smith's size, we chuckle. Those guys must not remember DeSean Jackson. Sure, they're both Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers They share some similarities, but they're two completely different players. One continues to fascinate us on Eagles gamedays. The other calls it a career on his birthday. Yes, friends, this is where our story begins.

D-Jax's career began in 2008. 15 years later, we'll probably remember him as the greatest deep threat the NFL has ever seen (no disrespect to Jerry Rice). He's a three-time Pro Bowler who has snagged 58 TD receptions and has added four more as a returner for good measure.

The Slim Reaper has a long career ahead of him. Something tells us he'll write a nice chapter for himself in the annals of pro football's history. DeVonta stands at six-foot-tall and weighs 170 pounds. Jackson, who's five-foot-ten, tips the scales at 175 pounds. Yeah... Don't talk to us about size.

DeSean Jackson celebrates his birthday in style, retires in Philly, and shares his favorite moment as an Eagles star.

While DeVonta is a legend in the making, D-Jax solidified himself as a franchise many moons ago. How poetic is it that, on the day Jackson was born, December's first day, he walks off into the sunset as a member of the organization that drafted him?

Check out some of the highlights of his day.

During his press conference, he was asked what his favorite moment in Eagles Green was. His response "Man, I got so many. Where do I start?"...

He took a moment, gathered himself, and here's what he came up with. Tell us if this one sounds familiar. Believe it or not, it's one of our favorite moments as well.

"Favorite play man... I have multiple favorite plays. Honestly, I mean particular, one play was the punt return (versus the New York Giants) in 2010. I think that goes down in my book as one of the greatest plays ever. To be able to be in that game. Man, I can remember going to halftime, and you know everybody's like, man this game is over... It was crazy at halftime man. I remember in the locker room. Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin. We all came in there. We was like, we was all hyped up. You would have thought we won the game at halftime. And, I remember Coach Reid looking at us. He always puts his glasses down... 'Everybody shut up'. Like, he just told everybody to shut up. It was like 'Oh!'. We gave him attention. And, he just made a speech, and after that speech was made and we riled up and talked again. It was just something that turned on. We was like 'we're going to come out, and we're going to win this game. And, to be in a game like that, to be down like a deficit like that and to come back and win, it was like the second half, there was nothing we could've done wrong.... We came back and we won the game, and I remember that punt return was like I sailed into the end zone like an Eagle just picked me up and (carried) me into the end zone. "

Eagle for life ...

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We remember that day well DeSean! That's one we'll never forget!

Perhaps this last statement sums it up best.. "Me losing my dad in 2009 and, 2010, you know to have that game... I could just remember everything. Like it was just surreal".

It felt the same way for us DeSean! As a matter of fact, there isn't much else to say. Enjoy retirment. Thanks for this memory and for so many others. Canton, we expect, will be calling you soon.

Check out DeSean Jackson's full retirement presser below.

Press Conference: DeSean Jackson

Watch live as DeSean Jackson officially announces his retirement from the NFL.

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