DeVonta Smith discusses fashion, all things Eagles, and his continued VRST collaboration

We hung out with the NFL's most fashionable player, DeVonta Smith, to discuss his continued partnership with DICK'S Sporting Goods exclusive, VRST, and, of course, all things Eagles.
Devonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
Devonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages

We have seen him haul in a game-winning reception during the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. He has shown off the 'toe drag swag' more times than we can count. He can turn the Philadelphia Eagles' team parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field into his personal runway with minimal effort. Ladies and gentlemen, we're certain that we don't have to tell you this, but when DeVonta Smith arrives for work, he does so in style.

It's hard to discuss the former Alabama Crimson Tide star's greatness without mentioning an on-field resume that most would envy. His star has burned brightly on the NCAA's stage. It continues to do so at the NFL level. Still, there's a humility that always seems to evidence itself.

So, let's take some inventory. Highlight-reel moments... Undeniable talent... Fashion sense... Fun-loving and easy to work with... That sounds like a man with the potential to transcend both sports and fashion to us, or a man that can blend those worlds effortlessly.

Don't look now. It appears that we weren't the first to draw those conclusions. He's been traveling in his own lane on that highway for a while now.

Eagles star DeVonta Smith, one of the NFL's most fashionable stars, discusses his ongoing partnership with DICK'S Sporting Goods as a VRST ambassador.

There was this old saying, though we forget where we heard it first. It went something like this. Dreams are free. Hustle and grind are sold separately.

Following the Eagles' thrilling and, at times, stressful win over the rival Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia entered its bye week. DeVonta Smith is taking an opportunity to rest, but he's perfecting his grind as well. On the Tuesday that followed his team's eighth win in nine games this season, I got to hang out with the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner to pick his brain about all of the logs he has placed on the fire.

We discussed his footbal life both past and present, his love for his team and teammates, and all things Philadelphia Eagles. On the subject of his work with VRST, he had this to say.

"I have a great marketing team. They got connected. It just went from there. The connection was there. We kind of had the same vision of being able to be comfortable wherever I am, having the versatility, whether I'm working out, going to a business meeting or something like that. It's always VRST as my option because they have everything. I was comfortable (with them). "

VRST is a play on the word 'versatility' and the brand is sold exclusively at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Versatility is a trait DeVonta has exhibited for as long as we have seen him play football.

He's a team captain for the first time in his young Eagles career, and I predict he'll be given that honor a few more times before he calls it a career. We have seen DeVonta sky to posterize defenders like Randy Moss. We have also seen the aforementioned toe-tap on the sideline AND his ability to free himself from defenders to produce long-gainers from scrimmage.

Simply put, 'Smitty catches everything'. We can probably add to that tag line now. 'Smitty can do anything'.

We mentioned 'swagger' and 'style' earlier. We have seen Number 6 break franchise records during BOTH of his first two NFL seasons. As a first-year star in 2021, he tallied the most receiving yards by a rookie in Eagles franchise history (916). For an encore, during his second professional campaign, he set a new team standard for most single-season receptions by a wide receiver (95).

Zach Ertz still owns the franchise record for receptions by any Eagles player regardless of position, but we may need to let him know that another legend is coming. No benchmark is safe when DeVonta Smith steps onto a football field, and by the looks of things, conquering other arenas won't be difficult either.

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