Dom DiSandro, Dre Greenlaw exchange apologies following Eagles vs. 49ers confrontation

A much-discussed confrontation seems to have found its happy ending.
Dom DiSandro, Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Dom DiSandro, Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Week 13's Philadelphia Eagles versus San Francisco 49ers clash wasn't just a physical affair. It was an emotional one. Words were exchanged. So were shoves. We even saw something that we had never seen, the ejection of Philly's head of security, Dom DiSandro AND Niners star Dre Greenlaw.

We're a few days short of being a full week past Big Dom's premature game-night exit following his sideline confrontation with Greenlaw. People are still talking about it, even now. That's to be expected. Most subscribe to one of two theories.

Some believe, had the Eagles rallied, that we'd be looking at this moment as one that helped galvanize the comeback. Some take the approach that the loss makes the moment seem worse. Both teams have moved on.

Earlier this week, Greenlaw and DiSandro addressed the issue. This one seems to be nearing a happy ending... for the most part.

Dom DiSandro and Dre Greenlaw exchange apologies after Eagles vs. 49ers confrontation

As ugly as Greenlaw and DiSandro's disagreement was, both franchises seem to be content with moving on. League offices will, no doubt do their due diligence. The NFL released a memo. Greenlaw and Dom have since exchanged pleasantries. Check out the updates on both below.

It appears that Dre and Dom didn't actually speak. Messages were exchanged, but it's good to see both take the high road. At the time of this story's release, league offices hadn't handed down any punishment to either side. We'll see what happens in the coming days.

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