A dozen mishaps from the Eagles Week 6 loss: How many of these are fixable?

It's been a dreary few days following the Eagles' Week 6 loss, but luckily, some problems we witnessed in this one qualify as easy fixes.
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Another injury and a pair of turnovers

2. Dallas Goedert's drop creates an immediate turnover

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts' first interception of the game will be credited to him but it shouldn’t be. He threw a catchable ball to tight end Dallas Goedert, one that was broken up by a very good defensive play and a nice interception on the ricochet. 

This one is tricky. You can say that the ball took a very unlucky bounce which is true, but Goedert could also straight up catch the ball. If he spends some time with a JUGS machine aimed straight at his nuts, he can work on making those plays.

Verdict: This one is correctable.

3. Eli Ricks is injured

It’s no secret that the Eagles’ defensive secondary lacks depth, so if one of those guys goes down during the game, it’s going to be both unfortunate and noticeable.

As we stated with the analysis of the Lane Johnson injury, there's nothing that can be done if guys go down.

Verdict: uncorrectable.

4. D’Andre Swift fumbles before halftime

Jalen Hurts wasn't the only Eagle who decided to be generous with the ball in Week 6. Running back D’Andre Swift lost a fumble nearing halftime after the ball was punched out of his grasp at mid-field during Philly's final drive of the first half.

D’Andre Swift doesn't fumble often, but when he does, it often happens when he is a receiver. He has coughed one up seven times in his career. His two mishaps in the running game came during his rookie season (2020).

Protecting the football is paramount, and we expect the Eagles coaches to preach and teach ball security. We don't expect anything to the level of Friday Night Lights, where Tim McGraw applied duct-taped the ball to his son’s hands, but then again, that might be worth considering.

Verdict: correctable.