A dozen mishaps from the Eagles Week 6 loss: How many of these are fixable?

It's been a dreary few days following the Eagles' Week 6 loss, but luckily, some problems we witnessed in this one qualify as easy fixes.
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles
Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Penalties and drops

Josh Jobe continues to get picked on, and DeVonta Smith has the worst game of his career. You can't make this stuff up.

5. Josh Jobe's defensive pass interference call

Listen, no one wants Josh Jobe to spend as much time on the field as he has all season, Unfortunately, thanks to injuries, that’s where we are. As per usual, he made a couple of good plays, but he has also screwed a few up.  

When your defense forces opposing offenses to get behind schedule on second down, giving away a first down is often inexcusable. That's especially true when Zach Wilson is the opposing team's quarterback.

Zach Wilson isn't going to beat anyone consistently, but he also doesn't have to if he's being bailed out by defensive penalties.
Okay, we have figured it out... The fountain of youth does exist and it sits in Eagles headquarters (via @GQ_4_Eva) https://insidetheiggles.com/posts/lane-johnson-sudden-recovery-evidence-fountain-of-youth-runs-eagles-headquarters

Verdict: uncontrollable: While it would be safe to assume that Jobe can be coached into playing better, he has gotten cooked by wide receiver Garrett Wilson and just about everyone else he has lined across from. You just can’t fix that skill discrepancy.

6. DeVonta Smith drops a big-time catch

Wide receiver DeVonta Smith has some of the most sure hands in the entire NFL. It’s hard to say what went wrong in Week 6 for him, but he dropped a couple of balls that he would normally haul in during sleep.

The more notable drop came early in the third quarter when Smith didn’t have a defender in his zip code. This one just dinked right off of his hands.

These issues are very uncharacteristic for Smith. He was interviewed after the game and was accountable for the whole thing. He knows it was a problem and he’ll fix it. We have no doubts.

Verdict: This is correctable.