Eagles star A.J. Brown reveals his secret to making highlight-reel catches and again proves he isn't human

A.J. Brown sat with the media after the Eagles' eighth training camp practice and gave us the key to making highlight catches. You'll want to know what he had to say.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Following the Philadelphia Eagles' eighth practice session on August 8th, Dallas Goedert and A.J. Brown did us all a solid by taking a few moments to speak to the media. A.J. was asked about the touchdown catch we have all been discussing since Sunday's open practice at Lincoln Financial Field. “What happened on that catch that stood out to you?”

Here’s the play that was referenced:

It's always great to hear a player’s insight on the anatomy of a play, especially one that looks that rad. A.J. Brown makes the cool-looking stuff look effortless. Often it's easy to wonder. Does he know that it’s cool when he does it? How much energy does he exert while contorting his body in ways that would cause injury to the vast majority of the rest of us?

His most recent sit-down with the press allowed us into his world some. As always, he was welcoming to every question that was asked.

Eagles star A.J. Brown offers his take on his Sunday evening catch. "Turn around, and jump up".

You have to love the guy. He has the physique of a super hero. Meanwhile, he might be the nicest guy on the Eagles roster. How does A.J. Brown make the impossible look easy? Well, why don't we ask him? And, the media did.

Here's his take on Sunday's TD reception.

"...In that moment it was a two-minute situation and I was gassed. I was so tired and I was just trying to make a play… In those situations, (Jalen Hurts is) going to give me a shot. …if we’re just running down here… turn around and jump up…”"

Just “turn around and jump up,” he says. Okay, A.J. that’s fine. Stay humble. That’s cool. Just one request: can we stop acting like you’re not Superman?

Do you know how hard it is for us normal people to do things when we’re tired? After we carry the groceries into the house, we have to sit down for five or ten minutes to catch our breath before we unload them. 

“Turn around and jump up,” buddy, that’s a full day’s exercise. That’s not relatable for us. Maybe, just MAYBE, that’s something we could do after we stretch for 45 minutes and have a chiropractor appointment that we scheduled a month in advance. Even then, we’re going to paint the field in regurgitated Gatorade immediately after.

(Warning: This video exclusively contains vomiting. Like, three minutes of only tired guys puking. It's not a COVID thing, it's just lots and lots of throw up and it's great)

It’s easy to appreciate all of the work and effort that these guys put in. These tremendous athletes make incredible feats seem effortless.

When you get to hear from elite players like A.J. Brown, it gives you a level of comfort that something so sick and totally awesome is just a reaction or muscle memory for them. That being said, no one is just turning around and jumping up, A.J. You know who you are and your humbleness has surpassed itself. That being said, thank you for being a machine.

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