Eagles All-Pro WR A.J. Brown: NFL cornerbacks hold WRs 'all the time'

YouTube's highly-popular Deestroying brand hung out with Eagles All-Pro wide receiver A.J. Brown. This one is a fun watch.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

He has only appeared in 17 regular-season games and another three postseason appearances as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Typically, if that was the case with anyone else, we'd say the sample size is too small and that we don't want to jump the gun and make any bold predictions or foregone conclusions. A.J. Brown makes us feel comfortable about exhibiting a different strategy.

Mark our words. A.J. Brown has the potential to be remembered as the best wide receiver to ever don an Eagles jersey by the time his playing days are over. Yep... We said it. Deal with it.

Here's a message to opposing NFL defenses. When playing the Eagles, nothing short of cheating will help you stop A.J. Brown.

Sure, we knew he was great when he was in Tennessee with the Titans, but A.J. elevated his play in 2022, and get this. For the most part, he stayed healthy. Sure, there were tweaks here and there, and in a few instances, it took him a little longer to peel himself from the turf than we would have liked at play's end. Still, but the magic was on display all season.

There was seemingly nothing opposing defenses could do to limit whatever the Eagles wanted to do with him. It also doesn't hurt to have DeVonta Smith on the opposite side of the formation.

Recently, YouTube's highly popular Deestroying brand pulled up on Florida Atlantic's campus, and guess who they found working out? Yep... Number 11 is on deck. Check out the full clip and interview below. Bookmark the official YouTube channel if you feel inclined.

Be forewarned: The full clip does contain some NSFW language. Govern yourselves accordingly, but here's some of what we were reminded of. According to the 2022 Pro Bowler and Second-Team All-Pro, NFL defensive backs hold "all the time".

That's funny. Looking back to last season, it didn't seem to produce many wins for the cornerbacks who lined up opposite of A.J. in coverage, and if we were to guess, we'd be willing to state that cheating won't help them in 2023 either.

That was fun. Again, it was awesome to see a more personable side of Number 11. He's one of the game's elite talents. Again, he has the potential to become one of the great Eagles of all time.

A.J. Brown prepares for another phenomenal year with the Philadelphia Eagles.

So, what will A.J. Brown do for an encore? The buzz that surrounds Number 11 isn't quite what we felt when Philly landed Terrell Owens. Make no mistake however. It was a pretty close comparison.

Many believe the Birds became a legitimate Super Bowl contender on night one of 2022's NFL Draft when it was announced that they had landed their new star by way of a trade. That proved to be an accurate theory. Now, as we venture toward another Eagles campaign, the goal is obvious. Philly wants to get back to football's biggest game and win it.

If they're to get back to football's biggest game, one thing is certain. A.J. and his offensive teammates have to be as good as they were last year if not better.

Year one in midnight green was a fantastic showing for Number 11. He collected 88 receptions for 1,496 big ones. That's a single-season Eagles franchise record for receiving yards. He found his way into the end zone 11 times before stacking 13 receptions for 146 yards during Philly's three postseason games. One can make the argument that when he and the Eagles' offense is firing on all cylinders, nothing can be done to stop them.

Tugging the jersey from time to time didn't seem to help anyone charged with guarding A.J. in 2022. Something tells us that, while he's teamed with DeVonta Smith as one of pro football's elite receiving pairs, there won't be many cornerback duos that will be able to soar with Swole and Skinny Batman during the coming campaign either.

We can't wait to see the show. Something tells us that there will be fireworks.

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