Eagles announce unexpected and puzzling signing, add future Hall of Famer Julio Jones

The Eagles have added Julio Jones by way of a one year deal, but why him? Why now?
Julio Jones, Philadelphia Eagles
Julio Jones, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Where in the (expletive) did this come from? Philadelphia Eagles vice president/general manager Howie Roseman may be a valuable asset to the Phillies' pitching rotation if things don't work out with his current gig because no one throws a better curveball.

Do not adjust your desktop monitors or the hue on your cell phones and tablets. This is not a drill. The Eagles have added a future Pro Football Hall of Famer, Julio Jones.

He's on the practice squad which means they can elevate him from the scout team to the active roster if he's ready. Unfortunately, the news isn't as exciting today as it would have been had it been announced three years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, Julio Jones has signed with the Eagles by way of a one-year deal... But, why?

Okay, before we go any further, let's just toss a few theories out there for fodder. One of which is the following. Why do this now?

On one hand, we argue that, if there's anything left, Julio Jones could elevate Philly's offense. Truthfully, they're one injury away from potentially being in dire straits at the wide receiver position.

On the other hand, we could argue that there's already an issue with offensive balance. What? Are DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert suddenly going to get more involved in the offense now that there's another mouth to feed?

On one hand, we could argue that the Eagles, despite having needs that are more pressing, could benefit from adding a veteran presence at the wide receiver position. Then again, we could also argue that no one believes that Julio is coming to the City of Brotherly Love to be a decoy and/or sit on the bench.

No one's saying we hate the signing. Hey, if this works, we'll all be happy. All we're saying is this one is a head-scratcher. The Julio Jones we see today is not the guy we remember from the Atlanta Falcons, and again, Philly has other needs that are more pressing.

This story is developing. We'll keep you informed of any updates.

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